Our safe environments

Our inside and outside environments are exciting and stimulating, created to make everyone feel safe and valued.
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Promoting positive learning

We maintain a positive learning environment by providing excellent resources and materials that allow exploration and scaffold learning.

Meeting every child's needs

We see every child as an individual, cater for their needs and ensure they have fun!  All children should feel included, valued, secure and happy.
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"...my son loves it"

"It's a lovely nurturing environment"

"The team are amazing"

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Nursery and Pre School provision in Farnborough

If we could bottle one thing it would be the sound of children laughing.  It happens a lot in our nursery and pre school, all the time in fact because having fun whilst nurturing well-balanced, healthy and happy children is at the heart of what we do. To us, having fun inspires the imagination, encourages development and builds confidence. From paint covered faces, whizzing down the outdoor slides, to role play and a simple game of peek-a-boo, we have more fun than you can shake a stick at.

With endless curiosity, we know our youngsters love to learn about their little worlds. How to draw, read, touch or even take their first steps or say their first words, their world is such an adventure. Our rooms are set out to cater for all ages, from a quiet reading area to stimulate the mind, creative play to inspire artists and plenty of opportunities for cooking and baking (you never know, we might find the next celebrity chef). We enjoy going for adventures in the woods, feeding the ducks, jumping in muddy puddles and searching for the Gruffalo who we are still yet to find.

Why choose us…?

  • We aim to offer a warm, inspiring and safe place for your little ones, through carefully planned activities and experiences.  The nursery and pre school has a very homely atmosphere with small and personal key family groups (we even wear slippers!)
  • We’re an independent nursery and have a team of excellent, qualified, creative staff who love nothing better than seeing your little ones thrive.
  • Your child will be guided through their early years, exploring the world around them and learning through play.
  • We will nurture your child giving them the skills they need to make an easy transition into their school life.

What parent’s say:

“..he has really come on leaps and bounds with his vocabulary, numbers, letters, sounds, shapes (he was explaining semi-circles to me today!)….”

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We offer:

  • Plenty of outside space
  • Stimulating learning environments
  • Indoor and outdoor classrooms
  • Learning through play
  • Record of your child’s learning
  • Ideas to extend learning at home
  • Smooth transition to school
  • Qualified, carefully selected team
  • All staff are paediatric first aid trained
  • Flexible hours
  • Funded childcare

Contact us about spaces

A maximum of 15 hours a week is available to all 3 and 4 year olds.  Your child is eligible for the funding the term after they have turned 3.  

Funding is also available for some 2 year olds.  See if you qualify by reading here.