What we have been up to…

June 12, 2015

This week we have been looking at emotions and facial expressions. We made up a story and drew faces to represent how the character would be feeling. This activity encouraged a lot of talk about what makes us happy and sad. After this activity the children wanted to do some more drawing, so we made up another story about a dog going for a walk. We drew pictures of what the dog saw along the way. The children added particular features to their drawings, such as ducks to the pond and a bush to the house. This activity was great to extend their imagination as the children enjoyed suggesting things that the dog may see. How about making up a bed time story with your child and see what you can come up with?

This week we painted our papier mache, we turned them into ladybirds and counted out how many dots we would put on. The children enjoyed seeing the end process to what they had started last week. Although they were a little concerned that we would make a big mess again!

We have also carried on exploring textures this week,w e have done this with a feely bag. The children have to put their hand in a bag and describe what they can feel, answer questions about it and guess what it is. We had some very creative answers as to what could be in the bag!

In the garden we have been doing some big construction with attachable foam tubes and connectors, we built a rocket, a den and a fire engine among many other things. The children work really well together to develop their ideas, even the very small children had a go at attaching the tubes and of course the bigger children were there to help them. 

In the garden this week we also drew a big track on the floor for the children to race cars on, the children added bridges, roundabouts and traffic lights and followed the arrows around the track.

The children had fun in the garden today when it suddenly started raining, they all came in very excited as they had got quite wet!

In number group the children continue to focus on forming numbers and matching quantity to numeral and in language group Hayley has introduced the letter V, although many of the children were already familiar with it.

The children have been very excited to spot the first few red strawberries this week, we are hoping for some more very soon. The children are always eager to help to water the plants and love to observe the changes, we are looking forward to our sunflowers coming out, hopefully that won’t be too long.

Just a reminder, if you still have your child’s Learning Journey at home could you please bring it back as we need to update them all.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and have enjoyed reading about your child’s week.  Lauren