What we have been up to…

February 26, 2015

Here’s a little snippet of what’s been going on at nursery this week:

In language group Hayley has introduced the letter F, the children enjoyed a game of musical letters- when the music stopped the children had to pick an object out of the bag and match it to the correct letter. Some children said it was like pass the parcel but there was no prize! There have also been lots of different ball games played in language group- throwing the ball to the person who’s name starts with a certain letter, throwing balls in to lettered box and thinking of words starting with “F” as we throw the ball. Today the children enjoyed racing their cars along a track to see who could reach “F” first! In your language group folders you’ll find the letter F song, why not ask your child to teach you it?

In number group we’ve been investigating sinking and floating- we’ve enjoyed seeing what things float and finding out why they float- we discovered that the heavier the object the more likely it is to sink. The children also enjoyed looking at what different materials work best in water.How about putting some plastic containers in the bath and seeing how much water you need to put in them before they sink?

We’ve been using our musical instruments a lot this week- listening to the different sounds they make, seeing how different instruments make noise and tapping out beats. We played a game where we had two sets of identical  instruments one set  were hidden under a blanket and the other left on top. I played an instrument and the children had to select the correct one, I then played more than one and encouraged the children to listen for the different sounds. This really helps the children’s listening and attention as they are having to focus on a select sound and identify it. This could be played at home with household objects such as wooden spoons, saucepans, building blocks….

We’ve also been talking a lot about animals and the different countries that they live in. The children have been interested in finding out which animals live where and whether they come out at night or day- Ask your child what night time animals are called and see if they can tell you. If you have an Atlas at home this is a great thing to share with you child and hopefully they will be able to point out a couple of countries and tell you the animals that live there.

In the Under 2’s area we have changed the sensory area to make it more interactive and inviting- the children seem to be enjoying it. The younger children have enjoyed investigating our treasure baskets- which are baskets filled with textured and natural objects such as pine cones/combs/wooden pegs/ metal objects and lots more. This is something that is simple to put together at home and is great for children’s sensory development and encourages them to explore different ways to handle and manage objects.

Dennis had a lovely half term break and got up to lots of fun adventures, he has chosen which friend he is going home with this weekend and is looking forward to lots of fun.