What we have been up to…

April 24, 2015

We hope you’ve had a lovely week and are looking forward to the weekend. It’s a shame the sun seems to have done a disappearing act but at least it’s been out for us to enjoy at nursery. The children have loved being out in the garden without getting wet and cold. We’ve also been lucky to enjoy tea outside on a few occasions. A picnic in the garden is always a popular choice, eating on a blanket is far more fun than at a table.

We’ve added some more bits to our garden, such as some windmills and wind socks, the children were keen to tell me where to hang them and if I was putting them up correctly! We have also started to planting some veggies and are hoping to fill out hanging baskets soon. If you’re growing any veggies at home that you think may suitable for nursery and are able to take clippings of, we’d really appreciate it. So far we have green beans, strawberries and potatoes, with some tomatoes on the way. The children really like being able to help to grow their own vegetables and then picking them and eating them. the strawberries are usually the favourite.

In the garden the children have also been busy using the equipment in different ways such as climbing up the slide instead of going down, they are always well supervised when doing this and it is great to see them using different skills to navigate their way through problems. If you’ve got some play equipment in your garden or go to the park how about setting some challenges? 

In number group the children have been matching quantity to numeral, we had fun using the giant dominoes in the garden to do this and finding the numbers around the garden and then finding items to match the numbers’ It got quite tricky when we got above 12 but some of the children persevered and worked together to find the correct amount.

In language group the children have been learning and recognising the letter “w”. We played a memory shopping game where we had to think of things starting with “w”, this was quite hard as not many things start with “W”, the children came up with “wizard”, “witch” and “whale”. Some of you may have noticed we now have a post box in nursery which is very exciting and great for language group. The children drew and wrote postcards and then posted them, it’s also great to post other things in as well, such as all the play food!! How about a game of eye spy in the car? This game is great for long journeys and really help with language skills.

Demi had a fun, messy time on Thursday when she did spaghetti play with some of the children. i’m not sure who enjoyed it more and i’m also not sure i’ve ever seen so much pasta all over the floor before! This was a great opportunity for the children to explore using their hands and mouth and they loved squishing the spaghetti, flicking it and eating it!

And now to our dark den… we all had a fantastic time exploring the glowing and light up toys, it was great seeing the different patterns that they made on the walls of our dark den. Some of you may know that our dark den is a “pop up”, which means it is easy to put up and down.. The putting up part was very easy, we failed spectacularly on the putting down part. Demi, Hayley and I all had a go and not one of us achieved it. So a big thank you to the three parents who managed to get it down and almost in the bag. We know who to call for help next time!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about your child’s week and we look forward to hearing all about the children’s weekends.