What we have been up to..

August 14, 2015

It’s been a quiet but busy past couple of weeks at nursery. Lot’s of children are off on their holidays (which we want to hear all about on their return!).

As usual we’ve been having lots of fun and we’ve been on lots of adventures.

We’ve been to feed the ducks, we’ve found a new place to go where the ducks and swans don’t come out of the water which makes us all much more confident in feeding them. We had fun watching the gulls swoop down to steal the bread, they are very fast and ended up eating more than the ducks! On the way back we saw some men cutting down big trees. We were intrigued to see them hanging in the trees and using big tools to but down the branches. As we walked past the men had to stop so we could pass safely.

We’ve also been for a couple of adventures along the brook. There are lots of pretty flowers and trees to see and we’ve been looking at all the different colours. The younger children enjoyed this walk as they had a lot of freedom to walk by themselves and have a little explore.

We had a really exciting adventure the other day, a few of us got a bus to the town! Once there we went to the library, which is all new inside and read some stories, we also looked in the pet shop at all the different animals. 

As well as all our outdoor adventures we’ve been very busy in nursery too. We’ve been modelling with clay- we’ve made dogs, footballs and princesses. the clay was quite hard and we had to use our muscles to manipulate it in to shape.

We’ve had a hunt through our craft box and enjoyed making lions out of paper plates, we had to think of what colours to use and spoke about different features of lions such as their mane, their sharp teeth and how many eyes they have!

We have also made some moveable models using split pins, we’ve enjoyed making them dance.

We’ve made some traffic lights to use in the garden and have been playing lots of stop and go games, we’ve been using our imaginations and have had to wait at level crossing for trains to go past, we’ve had to take broken cars to the mechanics and we’ve even had to stop for crossing ducks!