What we have been up to…

July 31, 2015

We have been busy with junk- making cricket bats, monsters, boats and more! Thanks for all the boxes you keep bringing in they are providing lots of learning opportunities.

We’ve also been building with wooden blocks, the children have used their imaginations to create some fantastic castles, they’ve spoken in detail about bits they are putting on.

We had a visit out to feed the ducks, there were so many of them that we had to be very quick as they all came out of the water to see us! The children all found this very exciting and enjoyed seeing the goslings that were there as well as the big swans. We were lucky enough to also see a couple of horses and enjoyed spotting the horse shoe prints in the mud. One of the children asked why horses feet make the clip clop noise, so when we got back we looked on the computer at Blacksmiths and horse shoes and found out about them.

We’ve made some great pictures using sponges and paint, mixing the colours and creating patterns. The babies enjoyed getting stuck in with this activity too.

The children have been very interested in dinosaurs so we have been talking a little about them being extinct and how this happened, as well as drawing our own dinosaurs and playing with our model dinosaurs. 

Today we had a car wash in the garden and washed all the toys cars- I could tell some children had visited a car wash as they were very thorough!

We hope the sunshine is here to stay and that you are all able to enjoy it this weekend.