What we have been up to..

July 17, 2015

Friday seems to have rolled around very quickly this week!

We’ve had a fun filled week here at nursery, so here’s a little about it…

Our big event this week had to be our leavers party. Many of the children came along and all had a fantastic time. The bouncy castle certainly got lots of use, it was tiring just watching them all ( we did of course all have a little go too!) The party was our chance to say goodbye to the children leaving us for school. This time of year is always full of mixed emotions both for the staff and children (parents too). There’s a lot of excitement about new adventures ahead but it’s also the final part of their nursery journey. We’re going to miss all the children very much and hope that Mummies and Daddies let us know how well they are all getting on at school. We’ve been speaking to the children about how in September some of them will become the “big children”, they seem quite pleased in this new role :)

The weather this week has been a bit wet but also cooler meaning the children have been able to run around a lot more in the garden. So we have had many football, cricket and tennis games. Today we’ve been seeing how high we can throw a ball, as yet we haven’t lost any on the roof or over the fence but there’s still time. Children seem to learn ball skills very quickly and their development is rapid, a game of catch not only help them to catch a ball but has an effect on many other areas. Such as hand eye co-ordination, so using a pencil, modelling play dough and dancing and many other areas are all aided by ball games. We also have a rugby ball at nursery, this can prove a bit of a challenge to catch, kick and throw and that’s not just by the children but adults too. We still have lots of fun trying though.

Inside nursery we have enjoyed playing with playdough, we have lots of different “machines” such as a train which squeezes the playdough in to different shapes and an ice cream maker. The children love using these and they are very good at helping each other out if it gets a bit tough.

We’ve also had fun with giant tweezers and compare bears which are bears of different colours and shapes. Using the tweezers helps develop the children’s fine motor skills and they all love having a go with them. We’ve been moving different sized, different amounts of an different coloured bears from one bowl to another. We’ve also been a little adding and taking away,the bears are a great visual prop for the children to use.

We’ve been playing our healthy eating games, the children love “Greedy Gorilla” ( but then who doesn’t love a Gorilla who burps when you feed him junk food!), this games helps the children gain recognition of what foods are healthy and what foods are ok as a treat. I’ve noticed the children have started to comment on what they are eating and are very pleased when they know its something healthy. Going along side this we’ve also talked in simple terms about exercise and how your heart beats faster. The children enjoy running and then feeling how fast their heart is beating. Why not have some races in the garden or at the park and see the effects it has? The children love it when we’re more “puffed out” than them.

Don’t forget we have our lending library here that you can borrow books from and also our stick insects and snails haven’t had a trip out of nursery for a while. So if you’d like some visitors over the weekend then let me know, they’re very easy to look after.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to send in photos of what you have been up to.  Lauren.