What we have been up to

June 5, 2015

We hope you’ve enjoyed your week, here is a little about ours…

We’ve been taking good care of our plants and vegetables that are growing in the garden. Our strawberries have started to grow and our sunflowers are getting taller. We also have a range of vegetables including cabbages and carrots growing. The children have been helping to water them and checking on them daily to see how much they have changed. We hope to be able to eat some of our “crops” in the next few weeks. Our growing garden encourages the children to care for something and notice what it needs to survive.It also great for them to see how something changes and grows, why not try grow some cress at home? This is something that is very easy to grow and doesn’t take very long at all, plus it can be sprinkled on many different food that the children enjoy.

Some of your children may have come home quite messy the other day, that was because we did some papier mache! The children got stuck in to this, as did Lulu and myself, we both went home covered too! Next week we will be painting our creations to make bugs. The children have been checking on the balloons daily to see if they are dry and have been intrigued that they have gone hard. If you fancy getting very messy at home then a simple paste to make up is flour mixed with water, just be warned it will go everywhere!!!

We enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and went digging for treasure, we found some shiny stones that the pirates had left us and lots of other goodies.We also walked the plank like pirates and had to be careful of sharks.

This week we have been discussing emergencies and in particular the fire service. We have looked through several books and pretended to be fireman our selves, putting out fires and rescuing people. We have also been learning about what we would do if there was a fire at nursery. Why not ask your child and see if they can remember? I love having group discussions with the children, listening to their answers (some sensible, some interesting and some just very random!), it’s great to hear their knowledge and how they respond to one another. They often amaze me with what they know and pick up. We have a lot of non fiction books at nursery, many that are designed for older children and often we will all look through them and talk about what is going on in them. I then love to hear this information repeated by the children to their peers, back to us or to you.

The children have loved playing with our new tactile crocodile on the wall and so far it is still up so my DIY can’t be too bad!

As usual we’ve been busy in language and number group. In language group the children have been looking at the letters in their name and sequencing them in the right order. They have done this with threading, sticking and gluing and magnets. Some children have even been forming short words with the letters. In number group the children have been focusing on writing letters 1-10, they did this in the garden using water and paintbrushes, on our big whiteboards, on aquadraw and using bricks.

The under 2’s have had a great week, dancing with scarves and doing lots of different actions songs, building towers with wooden bricks (and of course knocking them down!), exploring the digging area in the garden, playing with water and playing with containers in the sand.

This Sunday is “Open farm Sunday”, this is where many working farms open their doors to show what goes on at their farm. Click on this link and put in your post code to find farms local to you that are taking part http://www.farmsunday.org/ofs12b/home.eb   As an added bonus most of the time they are free too. This sounds like a great day out to me and I hope some of you manage to get a long to one, if so please send in photos!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about your child’s week. have a lively weekend.