What we have been up to..

July 24, 2015

The summer holidays have arrived and so has the rain! We’re hoping the rain eases off on Sunday for our Big Toddle. Don’t forget that if you’re joining us we will be meeting outside the Cafe by the totem pole at 10am. The theme is Pirates, fancy dress for adults is optional. If it is raining we will still do our walk (just bring your rain coats!), we are hoping to have use of a couple of gazebos so should still be able to picnic afterwards, however if the rain is as bad as today it would probably be best to get home and dry off. We’ll have to see if the weather man is kind to us or not.

 So this week…

 We have said goodbye to a few of our friends who are off to school, it’s always sad to see them go but we know they are more than ready for their new school adventure and we look forwrad to hearing all about it.

We’ve also been playing lots of number games, I was really impressed with some of the high numbers the children can recognise. We played snakes and ladders, with just one counter. We counted on the correct number of spaces and helped each other to recognise the numbers we landed on. Using the one counter meant the game was much shorter and the children got to take their turn quicker, meaning less distraction. And of course it meant we were all winners!

We’ve been doing various art and messy activities. We made butterflies with dolly pegs, paint, glitter and sequins. We also used various items to spread paint- string, twigs and toothbrushes were just some of the objects. The children have also been printing, painting one side of the paper and pushing down on to the other side to make a print.

The children have also enjoyed making postcards and posting them in our letter box, (it’s amazing what gets posted in our letter box!)

The children love playdough at the moment and this week we have been making different shapes, we’ve even introduced some 3d shapes to the children.

Some of you may have noticed your children singing a few new songs, we’ve been learning “The Bear went over the mountain” and “she’ll be coming round the mountain”, the children really enjoy these and are always keen to sing them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our week. Just a reminder that we have a bug going around, it seems to be going around everywhere, because of this we are being super cautious and would appreciate you keeping your child off for 48 hours until they are clear of any sickness or loose/unusual bowel movements. We have given the nursery a deep clean and hope that next week everyone will be well again. Thank you for your cooperation with this and we wish all poorly children and parents well and hope they are feeling much better soon.  See you Sunday!  Lauren