What we have been up to..

July 3, 2015

Well as i’m sure many of you have heard… we have a paddling pool! This has gone down very well with most the children who have had a great time splashing, pouring and trying to get us wet! It’s been a lovely way for them to keep cool in the heat.

We also received our active kids order, thank you to all the parent who collected them for us, we’ve got some great stuff! We have some stepping stones and balance beams which the children have enjoyed practising their balancing skills on and using their imagination to create different games.

Inside we’ve been busy drawing with felt tips, the children are getting very good at remembering to put the lids back on and even better at reminding each other!

We’ve been talking a lot about going to school and the big children have been sharing their experiences of their visits to their big schools, many of the pre preschoolers have been keen to listen and ask questions.

In number group the children have been playing a range of games with the number bean bags, cones, cars and hoops, as well as water painting different numbers and shapes in the garden.

In language group the children have been recapping all of their letters and practising writing their names as well as recognising simple words.

We hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Lauren