What we have been up to..

June 3, 2016

it’s been a little quieter at nursery this week (well we’ve had less children but they’ve still managed to make plenty of noise!).

We’ve been on a walk around the local area, spotting different things – buses, signs, letters and numbers and seeing how many different coloured cars there were.

We’ve been in the hall balancing, climbing, running, jumping and using lots of energy.

In nursery we have been playing lots of games such as pairs, snap, naughts and crosses and lotto. We have also used different brushes to paint with- shaving brush, paintbrush, toothbrush.

We got creative with blue clay- there were snakes and caterpillars made. We’ve also been running a playdough cake shop and made a range of gingerbread animals and different flavoured cakes. Yum yum!

In the garden we have been taking good care of our fruit and vegetable plants and are very excited to see them starting to bloom and grow. We can’t wait to try some of our healthy, tasty treats.

We have been using our muscles and body parts to join in with different action songs- we did “Dingle dangle scarecrow” again and again and again!

Yesterday the children helped me put together a new picnic table for our garden. This is by our playhouse as the children love to run a  cafe from this. We thought this resource added to their play and look forward to some tasty treats served by the children. (Although if it’s broccoli ice cream again i’m not so sure!)

We’re looking forward to seeing all the children who have been off this week and hearing about what they have been up to.