What we have been up to…

June 17, 2016

The children have definitely got the Friday feeling today, we have a very noisy nursery!

We’ve had lots of fun this week doing various activities…

Spanish day was a great success, the children enjoyed learning about Spain, painting the flag and making bulls. They also got to try some Spanish “Tapas” and to juice some Spanish oranges. A great day was had by all and we’re looking forward to learning all about Turkey next week.

The children have had fun mixing shaving foam with paint to create some textured and colourful pictures. We have been looking at mixing colours and have done so with liquid, paint, pens and now shaving foam.

The children have also been making Father’s Day cards are are all eager to give them to their Daddies.

The playdough has been out and w have had various cakes and other food items made.

The younger children have had fun with bubbles, practising blowing them and chasing after them to pop. One child worked out he could blow the bubbles suing his nose!

Yesterday the children wanted to see how much it was raining, so we put out pots and left them for about half an hour. We then collected them and in five small pots we had collected 300ml of water. We spoke about what to do with the water, I asked if we could drink it and the children told me “no because we’ll get poorly”. They decided they wanted to make boats. I gave each child a piece of paper and demonstrated how to make a boat. We the got out the marbles and saw how many each boat could hold. The most was 30 marbles! The children enjoyed watching their boats sink and counting out the marbles.

In language group we have been continuing to match lower and upper case letters as well as sounding out short words and looking at how to spell them. Although this has mostly been focused on the children leaving us for school many of the younger children have joined in and are recognsisng a variety of letters. Please keep encouraging your children to spot letters and numbers in the environment as it is a great help for them to have this knowledge before starting school.

In number group we have been looking at comparing weights. We have been weighing various objects to see which is heavier, the children have also been trying to work out which will be the heaviest before weighing. We are also continuing to look at changing quantity and how many we add or take away to get to a certain number. The children are really enjoying doing this and it can be done in most aspects of your day: Counting cars, how many blue, red etc, which colour have we seen the most, how many more? With food: you’ve got five carrots left, how many if you eat two? Children’s brains are brilliant and you’ll be amaze at what they are able to work out.

The children all all off in the hall at the moment, practising their gross motor skills: jumping, running, balancing and having lots and lots of fun while doing so.