What we have been up to…

April 22, 2016

We hope you’ve had a lovely week. Here’s a bit about what we have been up to….

Yesterday we celebrated the Queen’s birthday by making crowns and Union Jack flags, we spoke about the Queen and the children were impressed that she was celebrating her 90th birthday! Some were a bit disappointed that we didn’t have a cake for the occasion! 

We have been looking at the birds in our garden and pictures of some common garden birds. The children then drew their own birds, some copied pictures and some drew more exotic birds such as flamingos and toucans. Sadly as hard as we look we haven’t seen any flamingos in our garden :(

The children have also been looking at different shapes. We have used the chalks in the garden to draw various shapes as well as creating pictures with different shapes. The junk modelling box has also been raided quite a few times to make various creations with different shapes. My favourite this week was a huge monster truck with tiny triangle wheels.

In the hall this week we have been using our imagination, I have had a magic wand that changes the floor in to different things. Such as an ice rink, thorny forest, lava pit and quicksand. The children weren’t sure what quicksand was so we watched a video of a stick disappearing in to some. 

With the older children we have been focusing on counting, adding and subtracting. the abacus has been a great resource for this along with the compare bears and dice. We also had a great game of skittles in the garden where the children were working out how many skittles they had left by counting how many they had knocked down. Maths really is something you can fit in to everything and children are like little sponges and love to work things out and challenge themselves. Many adults are wary of maths and giving your child experience and opportunity with numbers in everything you do should give them the confidence to tackle number problems as they get older. Setting the table, counting the stairs, counting how long something takes and endless other things are simple ways t develop maths skills. We love hearing parents ideas about things you do at home so please do share with us :)

We’ve also managed to get plenty of time in the garden this week, the younger children have been using their climbing skills to master the big slide and steps. There have been lots of ball games played, chalk drawn on the floor and we even had a picnic tea one day, hopefully we’ll be able to do this lots more in the coming weeks.

I now have some different news to share with you all. There is going to be a change in staffing over the next few months. Hayley and Demi are both leaving childcare to go and train to be hairdressers. We will of course miss them very much but see this as a great opportunity for some fresh ideas and faces to join us. We will of course make sure children in Demi and Hayley’s key group have a smooth transition with their new key person and Lulu and I will be here to carry on as we always do with supporting the children and providing fun activities for them all. If you have any questions or concerns then please do speak to us. Demi and Hayley’s last day will be towards the end of June and I will give you an exact date nearer the time. We wish Hayley and Demi all the best in their venture and perhaps in a year or so they can come back to do some nursery haircuts! If you know of anyone who may be interested in a job with us then please direct them to this advert: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/childrens-services/childcare/jobs-2/childcarejobs/childcarejobdetails.htm?id=7492

Moving on, we have had a case of chicken pox in nursery, it is currently “chicken pox season” so please look out for signs and symptoms which can be found here: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/chickenpox/Pages/Introduction.aspx We ask that children are kept off of nursery until all spots are scabbed over and children are well in themselves. This is to help control the spread of the infection.

Don’t forget that our charity Dance Wiggle is coming up soon on 12th May. We are doing very well so far with sponsorship. One little girl in particular has raised an amazing amount, she’ll need to do a lot of wiggling! Our fundraising page is : https://www.justgiving.com/The-Orchard-Childrens-Nursery?utm_medium=email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=20160422_70371

We all hope you have a lovely weekend