What we have been up to…

April 29, 2016

It’s Friday already!

We’ve been up to our usual fun and learning at nursery with various activities and resources to explore.

Here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to…..

There was lots of fun in the garden when we put on our wellies and splashed about in paint, who say’s wellies are just for muddy puddles! There were footprints everywhere.

The children have been creating with bendy straws, they made propellers for helicopters and one child made a steamer which makes clouds. He told me in lots of detail what it did and was proud of his own “invention”.

Beebot has been on a letter adventure, helping the children to match upper and lower case letters and to spell their names. The children love pushing the correct buttons to control Beebot and see where they can make him go.

Some of the children also typed their names on the computer, they got to choose the colour font and used their letter skills to find the correct keys on the keyboard.

The children have also made a letter train with lower and upper case letters which can be seen on our kitchen window.

We’ve been doing a lot of number activities this week, continuing with simple addition and subtraction. The children have also been looking at “counting in their heads” and not physically having to point to objects to count them. There have of course still been plenty of opportunities for the younger children to be counting various objects and actions.

It’s great when what you have been working on with the children is then spontaneously used by them. An example of this was a conversation I over heard… We had a pack of sellotape on the side, one child counted that there were five, he then noticed that there was space for another, so said “there were six but now there are five” and another child stated “that’s means that one has been taken away”. It might not sound like much but it shows that they are understanding concepts and adapting them to various situations, which is a big step in learning and a definite !wow” moment.

On Monday the children made yummy fruit kebabs for their snack, they counted how many of each fruit they wanted, made patterns with their fruit and threaded them on to the sticks. Fruit is far more fun to eat when it’s on a stick.

Yesterday the children went to the woods in two groups, the first group went to feed the ducks, they came back excited to tell me about what they had seen. The second group went on a bear hunt in the woods. They used their imagination to travel through mud, rivers and forests, they found the bear (Demi!) and made it back to nursery.

The younger children have been playing turn taking games such as catch, rolling balls and knocking down towers. They have also been playing with “real life” objects such as phones, purses and bags. Lot’s of touch and feel books and pop up books have been read and lots of music danced to as well as plenty of noise with musical instruments. The children have also enjoyed pouring activities with the sand and mark making with paint.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about your child’s week and that you have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget that Monday is a bank holiday so nursery will be closed. Let’s hope the sun come out for us all.