What we have been up to..

April 8, 2016

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the past two week. I know many of you have been on holidays/day out and special visits. We love hearing about these from the children and really appreciate the photos that many of you send in to support these chats.

So this week at nursery….

We have been a little bit quieter as a few children are still off on different adventures, that doesn’t mean we’ve had any less fun though!

We have been to feed the ducks, this was on a very windy day and the bread kept blowing back at us. We decided to find a sheltered spot but when we got there, there were no ducks! We decided we’d have to quack really loudly to encourage them over. This was a slight success as one goose came over. He left with a very full tummy! Some of the children thought that the ducks were babies as they were smaller than the swans. We had a chat about different types of birds and ducks and said that perhaps next time we go to the lake there might be some ducklings.

Whilst in the woods we also played a running game- I described something to the children that they had to run to, we had signs, trees, bushes, fallen logs but their favourite was, guess what? A pile of horses poo!

There has been lots of creativity going on this week from drawing, to collaging, to cutting and sticking and then of course everyones favourite junk modelling.

We have also added lots of new sand to our big sandpit in the garden, the children have enjoyed hunting for numbers in the sand and building sandcastles. The water tray has been out in nursery, we added washing up liquid and the children enjoyed seeing how many bubbles they could make.As well as racing boats and using funnels and watering cans to pour.

Next week all the children will be back to nursery and we look forward to lots of stories about what they have all been up to.