What we have been up to..

February 19, 2016

This week has been a bit more of a quiet one at nursery as many children have been off for half term. We have of course still had lots of fun with various activities. here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to…

The children helped Demi to make some pink playdough, this involved lots of counting, measuring, weighing and mixing. The children then observed how it changed as it was heated up, then they had lots of fun creating with it.

We have been using our various scissors to cut our pictures in magazines and make creations with. We have various scissors such as some with a handle like tweezers, these are great for children who haven’t yet mastered traditional scissors and are also a novelty for those that have. We’ve also been using lots of tickers, this is another great activity to encourage fine motor skills and everyone loves a sticker :)

We have had a big sort out at nursery, we have moved around some resources and got rid of some of our “well used” items. This has freed up some space for less used resources and the children have really enjoyed exploring these.

We have been playing lots of game such as “Tummy ache”, “complete the clowns” and “picture lotto”, it’s great to see the older children helping the younger ones out with recognising numbers and colours and encouraging turn taking.

We also got messy doing bubble painting- mixing a bit of washing up liquid with paint creates a fantastic activity. The children had a straw each and were seeing who could blow the most bubbles. They then enjoyed popping them all (they especially enjoyed popping all my bubbles!)

As always we have been doing lots of construction activities and role play. The children’s role play often reflects real life, the other day the children were collecting their “work” to go and work in their office, they made sure someone was at home looking after their baby and then went off for a days work, calling up on their mobile to check everything was OK.

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in Sainsbury’s active kids vouchers, we’re hoping to be able to get some more bits for our garden.

Don’t forget we have our lending library and you can also borrow a game if you wish to.

Many thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody back next week.