What we have been up to..

March 11, 2016

What a lovely day to end the week on, it looks like spring may have sprung! The children have enjoyed talking about Spring: the lambs being born and flowers growing, it’s an exciting season :)

We’ve been super busy this week and have had lots of fun. So here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to……

In language group the older children have been looking at blending sounds to make words. They have been using their listening skills to work out what words we are sounding out and then using their letter knowledge to write the words.

In number group we have been looking at simple addition and subtraction and using this throughout our nursery day. We use it at tea time when setting out the plates and cups, during small group games when handing out pieces and at many different opportunities that arise throughout the day.

With some of the younger children we have been looking at colour recognition. This means we have had lots of block play, fun with the ball pool and stacking cups. We’ve enjoyed posting games, such as “can you post the red letter” and tea parties with coloured plates and cups.

On Wednesday we made some tasty cheese straws, the children had a go at grating the cheese and many were very taken with the taste of the Red Leicester cheese which we used in them. The children made their cheesy pastry in to various shapes and enjoyed them as an afternoon snack.

At the easel we have had some textured paint, we added sand to one pot and glitter to another, the children have been exploring the different ways they can apply the paint and how the different textures look and feel.

In the hall we had a balancing obstacle course where the children had to navigate around corners and up and down various objects. We then had some funny races. The children had a go at sliding across the floor on their tummies, pulling themselves along on their bottoms, walking backwards and tip toeing. These games involved lots of laughing and cheering each other on.

Junk modelling has become very popular again and the children are becoming more and more creative with what they are doing. This week we have had telescopes, tanks, stages and laptops and many more!

We hope you’ve had a lovely week and are looking forward to the weekend.