What we have been up to..

March 18, 2016

We have been playing lots of balls games- football, catch, rolling etc. We have been looking at how far we can throw balls, how high we can throw balls and how many balls in a row we can catch. The children have enjoyed scoring goals against me in football and saving my attempts at a goal!

Junk modelling is still a firm favourite, this week we have been looking at developing ideas. So encouraging the children to select resources for a purpose, thinking about what tools to use, which colours will work best and the best way to create their idea. If you have any recycling at home then we’d really appreciate it (apologies to all those parent who regularly get creations taken home!).

We have been singing lots of ring songs  and playing musical games. This has been helping with shape and colour recognition as well as body part recognition. Ask your child if they can remember how to play “green elbows”. Music is a great way to get children involved and we find it is a fantastic way for children to take on information. It’s always lots of fun and requires lots of energy too!

One of the children brought a book called “The day the crayons quite” in for us to read, this inspired us to create our very own big picture with the children using their imagination to draw many different characters. We had a blue fire engine, brown bears and lots more. It’s on the wall at nursery if you want to have a look.

The younger children have been enjoying “cooperative” games such as rolling balls back and forth to each other, “row your boat” and building towers together (and of course knocking them down together!) This is a very simple type of turn taking and encourages social and language skills.

We have lots of fun Easter activities planned for next week and the children are all hoping that the Easter bunny pays us a visit.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to hearing all about the children’s adventures.