What we have been up to

May 22, 2015

We hope you’ve had a lovely week and are looking forward to half term. We’ve been pleased to have Hayley back this week :)  So what have we been up to…

In language group the children have been using the Jolly Phonics computer game, this has many different games on it that encourage the children to recognise sounds, link sounds to words and sound out simple words. Using the computer is also great for hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and turn taking. The more confident children really enjoy helping their peers and are great at encouraging each other. Many of the children are now confident in selecting what game they would like to play and use the mouse well to complete it.

In number group the children enjoyed making playdough, they had to measure out the ingredients and time how long to cook it for. They have been using it to make different models and have used the scales with it to see what weighs more. Some of the children have been making ice creams and cakes, others have made animals. Even the under 2’s have had fun squishing the playdough and manipulating it with the tools. Playdough is simple to make and if kept in a container lasts a long time. Why not give it a go, there are lots of recipes online.

We’ve been looking at different opposites this week, we have played a matching game with opposites, searched for opposites and enjoyed reading stories about opposites. Two children brought a book in for us to read all about opposites called “faster, Faster, Nice and slow”. It’s a fantastic book which gives examples of several opposites in a fun and clear way.

We had fun today making paper aeroplanes to fly in the hall. We climbed on the apparatus and flew our planes, some went quite far while others crash landed! Next time we may try making parachutes and see how they go. So if you have any yoghurt pots then please bring them in for us :)

We hope you all enjoy your week off and don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your adventures so your child can share them with their friends.  Lauren