What we have been up to..

March 24, 2016

It’s been an exciting time at nursery this week. The Easter Bunny has paid us a visit a few times and set up different hunts in the garden for us to complete. We have had a letter egg hunt, a colour egg hunt and a number egg hunt. Each time when we have collected the eggs the Easter Bunny has given us a special task to do, Such as putting all the letters in the order of the alphabet, posting the coloured eggs in the correct box and organising numbers 1-50!! I then have to go and tell the Easter Bunny what we have done and he decides if we get an egg or not. He has been very impressed and the children have received some yummy chocolate eggs.

This week we have also decorated paper eggs using paint, tissue paper and felt pens and today we collaged a giant egg! (I’ve been trying some egg themed jokes but the children haven’t been impressed!)

In the hall this week we practised climbing and lowering our selves on different benches and beams, then we had some Easter races. We bounced like a bunny, chirped like a chick and rolled like an egg.

The younger children have been getting creative with “Big Art”, using their hands, feet, tummies etc to apply paint to paper on the floor. There were some very colourful children in nursery.

The nursery has been filled with very excited children (and adults) this week who are looking forward to some nice Easter treats and the bank holiday weekend. We’d really like to hear all about what you have been up to during the holiday and would love some photos to put up on our wall.

We hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend and for those off next week we hope you have a lovely time.