What we have been up to..

June 19, 2015

It’s Friday already, another week has zoomed past at nursery. Here’s a little about what we have been up to this week…

We’ve been busy making something special for Daddy for Father’s Day, the children have all been keen to give them to their Daddies. We hope all the Daddies have a lovely time on Sunday.

We’ve also been using scissors to cut around shapes and recognising different shapes, as well as following instruction to colour shapes a certain colour. Using scissors is a skill that is quite hard to master and the only way the children can become confident in using them is to practise. We often have scissors out and the children enjoy cutting paper for no particular reason, we often end up with mounds of paper on the floor. This then leads to the excitement of using the dustpan and brush to sweep it all up. I wonder if cleaning up will be as exciting as they get older?!

In the garden this week we made a pattern using things from around the garden, we had a very long piece of paper which we covered with sticky tape and stuck bits down in a pattern. A few shoes got a bit stuck too!

We’ve enjoyed lots of strawberries from our garden this week and there are plenty more to come, they are very yummy and most of the children have had a try. The children really enjoy searching for the ripe fruit and picking their own, there a few “pick your own” places close by which could make a fun trip out.

In language group we have been playing with pegs, pegging the correct letter onto the corresponding picture. The children have really enjoyed this game and have been keen to do it again and again. How about giving your child some pegs and getting them to find items beginning with certain letters to peg to the washing line? We’ve also been using out caterpillar in the garden and the letter cubes.

In number group we’ve been discovering shapes- feeling them and exploring them to learn all about them. We’ve also been seeing how much we have grown, a few of us have grown quite a lot recently and are getting very tall.

Our children who are leaving us for school have been starting their visits this week and have all come back talking about hat they have been up to, the younger children have been intrigued by their stories and their fellow school leavers have enjoyed comparing what they have been up to.

We’ve been making the most of the lovely weather with lots of time in the garden- having tea parties, playing football, building, playing hide and seek and using lots of energy.

This week we have had one confirmed case of chicken pox and another suspected case so please keep an eye out for symptoms. If your child does develop a chicken pox rash then please keep them off until they are well in themselves and all spots are blistered over. Here is a link for the NHS website: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Chickenpox/Pages/Symptoms.aspx.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and that all Daddies get spoiled.  Thanks, Lauren