What we have been up to…

November 13, 2015

This week as usual we’ve been very busy having fun at nursery.

We started the week with Beebot, we directed Beebot around his racetrack, making him bump into various objects which we then had to match to the correct letter sound. The children loved navigating Beebot around by pushing the arrows on his back.They enjoyed working out the best route for him and also pushing buttons randomly to see where he would end up.

The children have also been enjoying using puppets so this week we made some, the children then put on a show. They used their knowledge of other stories to make up their own. Why not find some props for a favourite story at home and encourage your children to act out different scenes with the props?

On Wednesday the children did a fantastic job during the 2 minutes silence, we spoke to them about why we have the silence and about what the soldiers do for us.

Lot’s of the children went for a walk in the woods where they explored the area for toadstools and animals.

We’ve also had lots of scissor activities out to help develop the children’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination which are skills needed for many different aspects of life.

Water play was a big hit this week with the children pouring out cups of tea and using different sized saucepans and cups to transfer water.

We’ve also had fun using rollers and sponges to paint (although this soon turned in to hand painting!). We’re focusing on using various tools to achieve different effects. If you’re feeling creative at home why not find some objects at home that you could apply paint with? An old hair brush or a pine cone make some fantastic marks, as do toy cars.