What we have been up to…

November 6, 2015

We’ve enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and why we have bonfire night. We read a very simple story about the 5th November and have looked at lots of pictures of fireworks as well as making our own. We had lots of fun flicking paint on to paper for a great firework effect. It also covered the walls and floor of nursery quite well! It’s up in our marquee if you’d like to see it.

Thanks to all those who came to our hotdog and sparkler night, this went really well (even if our matches did keep blowing out!). The children all remembered their safety rules well and we all had a lovely time. It was great to see so many of you there. We’ll definitely do it again next year.

We’ve dried out our pumpkin seeds from Halloween and have used them to make pictures with, creating different patterns and using different techniques. We got this idea as at snack time the children love to place their fruit in to various shapes on their plates and tell us what they are.

We’ve also been speaking about telling the truth and lying, this came from a story that we read together. the children gave some great examples of what was a lie and what was the truth. In fact later on that evening Lulu told them she had eaten all their toast and quick as a flash one of the children announced “Lulu is lying!” Luckily for them she was so they all enjoyed toast with their spaghetti.

The children have had lots of fun playing with a Little Red Riding Hood puppet set, Demi spent a long time with them earlier in the week putting on a puppet show and showing them how to use the puppets. Since then the children have had them out various times and have used several different props to act out the story. This is great for their language, imagination and social skills. It’s been lovely to watch them being so involved in this.

We had from Boogie Beat join us for a session on Monday, the children had lots of fun, they pretended they were on a train, danced and wiggled and helped Hannah tell the story of the enormous turnip. The children really enjoy these sessions and it’s great to see the children whoa re usually a bit quieter get really involved and have a great time.

The younger children have been exploring different textures and using their senses to investigate. This has been with the treasure baskets, in the sand, with various boxes and containers and some paint. We’ve also been playing lots of music and making lots of noise with the instruments.

Thank you for taking them time to read this, we hope you have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget to keep sending in photos of what you have been up to, so we can put them up on our wall.