What we have been up to

May 15, 2015

We hope you’ve enjoyed your week, we have!  Here’s your insight in to our week at nursery..

Some of you may have noticed that Hayley hasn’t been in this week, she has been off ill, we’ve all missed her and hope she is back next week ready for lots of fun. This means that Sandra has been in and even Lindsay paid a visit on Wednesday along with James her son.

As usual we’ve been up to lots of different things; exploring, getting messy, learning, imagining and always having lots of fun!

Some of you may have seen the pictures on Facebook of our garden collage, we decided to do this as the children all enjoy picking daisies and exploring the digging area to look for treasure. The end result looks great and can be seen on top of our bike shed, unfortunately it got quite wet in the rain but it looks like it is drying out. The children love to be set a challenge, how about going on a walk in the woods and having objects that they need to fin?, some could be easy such a stone, others could take a bit more tricky finding such as a twig that is longer than your arm. This is a great way to get the children exploring and encourages them to notice differences and similarities.

Junk modelling still continues to be a favourite activity, some of you have taken home some very colourful creations this week, we hope the glitter didn’t spread too far! The children’s imaginations and ideas are developing more and more and discussion going on between the children can get quite technical at times, it’s also lovely to hear them suggesting ideas to others and offering help and encouragement. It’s a good job we have a big supply of sellotape as most creations need endless amounts of it!

Some of the children have been playing picture lotto, as well as playing it traditionally we have also been encouraging descriptive words by asking the children to tell us about the cards they have picked, we also do this a lot at story time. The children like to point out there favourite bits but rather than them pointing to it I ask them to tell me about it. This really makes them think and they come out with some very good words. Why not ask your child to describe something to you in a clue game… “I’m thinking of something that grows, is green up the top and has bark….”

In language group we have been looking at our names. The children have practised writing them using different resources such as pens, pencils, paint and the computer. We also played a game where the children had to select the correct letters in their name and then stick them in the correct order. They then drew lovely pictures of themselves and their family. 

In number group we’ve been counting and recognising numbers, as well as looking at what numbers make up bigger numbers such as 15. Most of the older children can now count confidently to the mid twenties and the younger children like to clap along and have a good go themselves.

Yesterday we got all of our dolls out, along with lots of nappies, bottles and baby clothes. The children enjoyed playing “Mummy and Daddy” and changing nappies and dressing the dolls. Although they weren’t so keen to help us with the real babies nappies! With a couple of the children due to be big brothers and sisters and the young babies we have here at the moment, there is a lot of interest in babies and the older children continue to be brilliant at caring for and entertaining the younger members of our Orchard family. The babies here are very lucky to have so many caring and attentive older children to look out for them and they really adore the older children and learn a lot from them.

The children have enjoyed doing Demi’s hair and have made her look lovely using brushes, clips, hairbands and rollers, she now has no need to visit the hairdresser :)

In the hall today we enjoyed balancing and climbing, I was impressed by some children’s balance as I wobbled the beam they were standing on, i’d have fallen off far quicker!

This week the babies have enjoyed bouncing, hiding and throwing balls in the ballpond, hiding and racing through the tunnel and crawling across the noisy mats as well as making lots of noise with the instruments.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and that you have a lovely weekend, we look forward to hearing all about it.