What we have been up to…

October 23, 2015

We hope you’ve had a lovely week, here’s a bit about what we’ve all been up to..

Some of the children went off for an adventure in the woods to take part in Forest School. We built a den from some big branches and the children even found some bricks to add to it! We then went for an explore in the woods, going further in than we had been before, we found some rabbit holes and horse hoof prints. We also found a lovely field which we are going to have a picnic at in the summer. the children have decided it should be a Teddy bears Picnic and Mummy’s and Daddy’s should come along too (i’m not sure they realise how far away summer is!)

We have also enjoyed many different Halloween activities this week. We made witches hats with yummy cookies and cones, decorated cakes with green icing and made a spooky ginger bread house. We also drew designs for Pumpkins and the children voted for whose they thought should be carved on to one of our pumpkins. Our Halloween fun was all brought together yesterday when we had a great party. We did some apple bobbing, dived in jelly for spiders, wrapped each other up as Mummies and played spooky musical games.All the children had a great time and we all did too :)

We’ve been using our hall time to play some stop and go games which are great for encouraging listening skills as well as promoting physical development. We’ve set up a range of courses for the children to use different climbing and balancing skills on.

The garden has been lots of fun this week with all the leaves! The children have loved throwing them about and burying each other in them. They have also made some bonfires and have been cooking sausages. Even though the weather is getting colder the children are still insisting on “selling” ice creams out of the window of our little house. They won’t believe me that it’s too cold and it should now be hot chocolate! 

A couple of weeks ago we had Hannah from Boogie beast come in and do a singing and dancing session with the children, they all loved it and because of this we will now be having Hannah at nursery every other week. She will come for this term on a Monday and Thursday morning. This will just be for the children who attend on those days.

The under 2’s had lots of fun with water, jugs and cups, making tea for everyone and getting very wet!

In language group Hayley has been focusing on forming letter and writing names, she has been using a range of different methods for this. From pencil and paper to whiteboards, to chalk boards to water.

In number group we have been looking at numbers up to 25, ordering them, recognising them and counting in sequence.

We hope you all have lovely weekend and thank you for reading, don’t forget the clocks go back on Sunday!