What we have been up to..

October 30, 2015

We’ve had quite a quiet week at nursery as lots of children have been on half term. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had lots of fun though…

We’ve been on an explore in the woods, going down ditches, climbing through big branches and climbing on trees. The children have been “leading” the way and seeing if they can remember how to get back.

We’ve also been over to feed the ducks and also ended up feeding a lot of seagulls too.

In nursery we have made pink play dough which the children have enjoyed using to make many different things. We’ve also made a princes castle and tower from our junk modelling and painted it purple. We enjoyed making some Halloween pictures with green and orange paint and making ghosts with our footprints.

The children have decorated biscuits and i’m sure they enjoyed eating them.

We’ve been out in the garden splashing in puddles and seeing how many jumps we can do on the trampoline.

We’ve been using the calculators to recognise numbers and playing with the abacus to count items.

We’ve had lots of fun this week and are looking forward to hearing all of our friends stories about what they got up to when they get back next week.