What we have been up to..

November 20, 2015

We hope you’ve had a lovely week, it’s been a busy week here at nursery….

We’ve had a visit from Hannah at Boogie Beat who took us on a train ride, she has a brilliant train whistle that the children all love! The children also helped her to pull up an enormous turnip. The children seem to be really enjoying these sessions and the excitement shows through on their faces when Hannah walks through the door. Hannah has left a “Giggles the monkey and Cd set here for parents to look at. To purchase both it is £15 and this includes some of the songs that the children sing with Hannah. Let me know if you would like to order one.

On Wednesday some of our older children went on a trip to the Aldershot Military Museum. We had to get two buses there and two buses back. The children were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They had the chance to crawl through tunnels, try out some old fashioned soldier beds, sit in a tank and see lots of different army vehicles. It was a great trip and we’re hoping to plan more trips in the future.

While the older children were out the younger ones had a go at “potato printing”- this didn’t stay as potato printing for long…. The children soon thought it was far more fun to paint themselves and use various body parts to apply paint.

In the hall this week we have been playing ball games as well as climbing on the different apparatus.

Some of us have been through to the school with Hayley to collect the post and look at the fish and birds. It’s always fun going in to the big school!

We have been practising keeping a beat with the instruments. We were working out whether we needed a fast or slow beat to various songs and whether we should play the instruments loud or quiet. This is a great activity to encourage listening skills and a sense of rhythm.