What we have been up to…

October 2, 2015

Here’s a little insight in to what we have been up to…

We’ve been out and about a lot this week, some children went to the woods to take part in Forest School with Lindsay. They climbed trees and built dens. They all came back with lots of stories to tell and rosy cheeks. It’s lovely seeing the enthusiasm the children have for their woodland adventures and it’s great hearing from parents that some of the children have enjoyed forest adventures of their own with Mummy and Daddy. In forests school the children have also been spotting lots of toadstools, they enjoy looking at them and know they mustn’t touch them.

We also went out for a walk to find some conkers, the children enjoyed hunting for them and spotting them in the grass, they also found some conkers with letters on and used them to spell their names and simple words. When we got back from the conker hunt the children helped to hide some around the garden and they went on their very own conker hunt, filling up lots of buckets with conkers and giving clues to their friends. We then got out the balance scales and abacus and counted up how many conkers the children had found and whose weighed the most. We then left these resources out for the children to explore themselves and they found many more things to weigh and count. This is an important part of a child learning, to provide them with a resource and show them how to use it. Then leave it out for them to explore themselves and find others way to use it. We’re also seeing the children finding new uses for different things, some of which we would never have thought of! Why not provide your child with a selection of random objects and just sit back and watch? This can be done for any age as all children are eager to explore and learn.

We’ve been using music in different ways at nursery, seeing how we move to music of different types and using different body parts to balance and dance. We’ve also been playing a game called “green elbows”, we play some music and then when the music stops shout out a colour and body part. The children then have to find something of that colour and put the nominated body part on it. This helps with colour recognition and naming of body parts and it’s also lots of fun and causes lots of laughing!

The older children have been focusing on observing and exploring objects and then separating them in to groups to do with their properties. The children have enjoyed learning the differences between metal, wood and plastic and sorting objects in to these groups. Then finding objects themselves and grouping them by size, look, feel, use etc. This encourages the children to use their own thoughts to come up with ideas as to why things should be in the same group. Why not go on a hunt around your house and see what you can find, you could do this as a treasure hunt or just collect anything and then work out how to group them. It’s great hearing some of the reasons why things should go together. 

In number group the children have been practising counting objects and writing numbers, some have been joining dots up and others copying numbers. They have all been working really hard and have lots of fun using different pens, pencils and crayons to write with.

In language group the children have started to look at sounding out and using letter cards to form short three letter words. This is supported by constant letter and sound recognition.

The younger children have this week enjoyed heuristic play, working out shape sorters, making lots of noise with musical instruments, filling containers in the sand, using their physical skills on the slides, trampoline and tunnel and exploring the treasure baskets.

In the hall today the children practised their balancing skills on an obstacle course and enjoyed trying to get around it quickly to avoid getting eaten by the shark (me), this was a very fun game and the children were eager to out smart me.

Right now the children are busy with Hayley making a “Gerald Giraffe” from one of their favourite books “Giraffe’s can’t dance”.