What have we been up to..

June 26, 2015

The highlight of our week was our Teddies Bears picnic on Thursday. We all brought along our furry friends and enjoyed some tasty treats at snack time, we had food that was different shapes and counted out different amounts of each thing. We then played with our teddies in the garden and sang songs with them. We got out the parachute and played “bears bouncing on the bed” the children had a lot of fun trying to bounce their teddies off. We decorated plates to eat our snack on and made teddy ears. We all had a great time, we especially liked the teddy bear crisps. Yum yum!

We’ve also been talking about jobs, about what our Mummies and Daddies do and about what job we would like to do when we grow up. We got a good mix of jobs, from fireman, to a chef to a princess and spiderman! We then spoke about what we would do in our jobs and what we may need. We then dressed up, coloured in pictures and put them up on a new display. The children have been very keen to show you all what they have done.

In the garden this week we’ve been practising a few races and different ways of moving, today I have also been taught how to play “French Cricket”, I wonder if the correct parent can guess if their child taught me this?? I was told that I wasn’t very good at it and kept holding the bat wrong! I clearly need to practise a bit more.

In number group Lulu has been playing with marbles and she managed not to lose any! The marbles have been great to use with the weighing scales and matching quantity to numeral. As it’s something new the children have shown a great interest in them and keen to play with them.

In language group Hayley has been playing with padlocks! Each padlock had a word attached and the children had to find the key with the correct letter on to unlock it. This game was very popular and several children wanted to play it again and again. Turning a key in a padlock is also a great way to encourage fine motor skills, it took some children a while to master this and some padlocks were easier than others.

We’ve been feeding the squirrels and birds that come in to our garden lots of food. Some of you may have seen on facebook that I posted about making a squirrel obstacle course. The children love watching the squirrels in particular and we’d love to make a squirrel obstacle course. If you have anything at home that we could use for this we’d really appreciate it- such as guttering, drainpipes, rope…. We’d also love some help to make this, so if any daddies have some mid week spare time please let us know. We can provide you with snacks and drinks and lots of encouragement :)

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and get a chance to enjoy the sunshine.  Thanks for reading, Lauren.