What have we been up to…

October 16, 2015

It’s been another fun week at nursery, here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to.

We’ve been getting messy with gloop, the babies have been exploring it with their hands, making marks and making lots of mess. The older children have been using tools to make marks and form letters and draw pictures.

At the easel we have had the primary colours out and the children have been mixing them to make different colours, they have enjoyed mixing more and more together and ending up with brown! I also introduced some combs to the painting area to make marks with but the children thought that was a silly idea and just kept putting them in the hairdressing box, we obviously have some very tidy children.

A few of the children went over to the school field to watch the school children play a tag rugby tournament, they all had lots of fun cheering on the big children and had a go at rugby themselves when they got back.

We’re still busy working on all the family books, the children are enjoying looking through each others photos and discussing their families.

We’ve got a few new games at nursery including pop up pirate and Buckaroo, both of which have supplied lots of laughs and enjoyment.

The children have been getting creative with the junk modelling and some children have built some pretty impressive models.

You may notice in the garden that there is lots of chalk on the walls and floor, this is because the children have been making it snow, so have been hard at work colouring things with chalk. You never know maybe this year we’ll actually get some real snow!

Don’t forget photos are next Tuesday and our Halloween Party is next Thursday 2.30-4.30, all children invited! Fancy dress would be fantastic.