What have we been up to…

April 17, 2015

Hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed some yummy chocolate eggs. The children have enjoyed telling us about the various hunts that they went on.

Over the past couple of weeks we have all been enjoying the lovely weather and have made the most of it with trips to the park, trips to the woods and to feed the ducks. We’ve also spent plenty of time in the garden. We have added a telescope and periscope to our tree house slide. This has been very popular and the children have been pirates and superheroes and we’ve even had a dragon in our garden! We have had fun playing various sports, such as basketball, football and tennis. We even tried some rugby, the children seemed to enjoy tackling me the most! Thank you to all the parents who have brought in sun cream and hats, we always play it extra cautious with the children and apply sun cream as soon as the weather starts warming up. We’ve also had lots of fun getting very muddy in the garden. Some of you may have seen the fantastic mud pies that we made on our facebook page. The children had a great time adding water to the mud and some bark and grass, mixing it all together and pouring it out. It was such a mess but a brilliant time was had by all. It was great to see so much teamwork going on with each child having a different role and doing a different job. A quick hose down and all shoes were soon clean again, the children weren’t as easily cleaned and I expect they really needed their bath that night! 

Aside from the garden the children have also shown a lot of interest in constructing, especially with the duplo. Again there has been some fantastic team work going on and they have all been helping each other out. From building the construction, delivering the bricks and putting out fires on the models. It’s amazing watching their imagination come to life from something they have created completely themselves with no adult support. 

This week we also planted some runner beans which some of the children have taken home, please let us know how they are getting on, we’d love to see pictures of how much they have grown. There has also been a great interest in bugs and plants and the children have been busy picking daisies and dandelions , adding some grass and making homes for bugs. We’ve been busy trying to spot butterflies and ladybirds, we have seen one butterfly so far and are hoping for many more as the weather gets warmer.

Please send us pictures of anything that you have been up to, it’s a great starter for the children to share their adventures with us.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend, Lauren