This week we have..

September 9, 2016

We hope you’ve had a lovely week.

Here’s a bit about what we have been up to….

In the garden we have been counting how many bounces we can do on the trampolines and seeing if we do more or less than the next person. Counting actions can be quite tricky as the children have more than one thing to think about but it’s a great way to help and encourage their number and counting skills.

We have had the compare bears out and have been seeing if we can count the correct amount and add or take away a certain amount too.

We have also been practising our writing and letter recognition and forming by writing and drawing about what we have been up to recently. These will be going up on the wall and worth having a look at as some children took a long time and a lot of concentration completing them.

We have had paint out and have been practising painting circles and lines and seeing if there are any other shapes that we can paint.This has also been helping our colour recognition.

We have had fun with pasta, rice and containers, making a variety of shakers and working out how to transfer the ice from one container to another. There was a lot of rice over the floor that day!

The younger children have enjoyed mark making with the aquadraw and recognising the animals around the edge of it (they also enjoyed getting me very wet with their brushes!)

We had two big boxes the other day and the children enjoyed make believing they were a train and then cars to go on different adventures. They also enjoyed seeing how children they could fit in a box, I think the record was four but then the box broke!

It’s been a fun week and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it.

Thank you to the parents that have “liked” commented or added observations on Tapestry, we are really enjoying using it and love how interactive it is.