This week we have…

August 19, 2016

Here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to…

We have been exploring paint in different ways. We have done some marble painting- moving marbles and paint around in a box to create marks, bubble painting- adding washing up liquid and blowing through a straw and also using rollers to apply paint. We have looked at how the colours have changed and how the marks at different depending on how we apply it.

We had a great trip out to find some leaves so that we could make bird wings. We found a selection and then when we got back we got creative and turned in to birds and butterflies! Whilst on our walk we stopped for snack and found our shadows. We enjoyed making our shadows make different shapes and do funny things!

In the garden we have been making lots of ice cream (with some very odd flavours). We have enjoyed serving broccoli ice cream with carrot sticks and cabbage slush puppies!

We have been practising our hand eye coordination and aim with a bean bag target game and seeing how far we can balance along beams and on stepping stones.

We have been looking at the letters in the alphabet and trying to sequence them in the correct order using our snake puzzle. We have been singing the ABC song lots and lots!

We have also had fun with threading, making pasta necklaces, bracelets and head bands. We used our fine motor skills to thread the pasta and our counting skills to count how many pieces we had threaded on.

We hope you have a lovely weekend :)

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