This week we have …

February 24, 2017

We have been busy here, moving the rooms around  a little. The children have loved exploring in the role play area now there is a little more room, and accessing our new creative area, where they can help themselves to paint, chalks, pens and pencils!

We have been exploring in the hall, jumping really high and landing on the big mats. We also worked together to help tidy up afterwards. 

In small group we are really getting good at singing the phonics songs and saying the sounds of some of the letters. 

The children have been busy constructing towers, and cars using duplo, and the large wooden bricks too. 

‘Doris’ the storm made quite an appearance this week too, she pushed over our bird house and our gazebo! the children watched the trees blow around in the wind and we then found objects we could blow around the table just like Doris! Cotton wool balls and cotton reels worked the best! The wind was very loud, but wasn’t scary when we were having so much fun!

Counting quantity and using number stencils has also been a highlight of the week. Some of us can count up to 100! 

We spoke a little about the fire engine coming on Tuesday, children that do not attend this day are welcome to come but must be with and adult. Please park in Pinewood park as the road will get busy!