This week we have …

February 3, 2017

It’s Friday again already!

This week has flown by and we’ve been having lots of fun doing various activities.

The children have been very creative at the easel, using our new brushes and paint pots to create masterpieces.

The children have also been creative with junk modelling. We set a “build a house challenge” and the children thrived on designing their own houses and looking at pictures of different houses to create.

There has been lots of letter work going on this week. The children have used a variety of media to explore letters, such as: the whiteboards and pens, paint, sand, wooden bricks and crayons. The children are enjoying identifying letter sounds and working on forming letters. Please take a look at the Jolly Phonics songs on Youtube, this is mainly what we work with and the children know lots of the songs and love to sing them.

We have also been looking at patterns, we have used our pattern boards and bricks to make different patterns, the children have made them using different colours and shapes.

We added some candles to the playdough resources this week so I think all the staff have aged dramatically as we have had happy birthday sung to us so many times! That said the children usually say we are 3 years old so it’s not that bad :)

There has been so much Roleplay going on this week, it’s hard to keep up with all the different storylines. The children often represent home life and things they have seen in their play, it’s great to watch them become so engrossed. They particularly enjoy using the old mobile phones and cameras that we have, as well as filling bags up with various items.

There has also been lots of investigating going on with the big magnifying glasses. The children have been finding various objects to look at in detail and like to tell us all about them. They have also been listening to the sea in the shells and if you listen very carefully you can also sometimes hear mermaids talking!

Next week is my last week before I go on maternity leave, it’s come around very quickly!

From week commencing 13th February Laura will the person to direct all your enquiries to :)