This week we have …

November 25, 2016

In language group we have had fun using the letter playdough cutters to help with our letter and sound recognition. Some of our even managed to spell our names in playdough and others thought of objects starting with different letters. We have also enjoyed playing with the alphabet puzzle and letter lotto. Some of us have been busy writing letters to Santa, forming letters and words and sounding out different words too.

In number group we have been looking at size and shape. We have explored the compare bears, seeing if we can match up the sizes and tell which is bigger and smaller. We have also been looking at different shapes. We had fun playing a “find the shape” game. When the music stopped we had to find the shape to stand on that we had chosen, we were all great at this. 

This week we have been doing lots and lots of singing and using the instruments to play along with. We have been marching to the top of the hill, rowing our boat and much much more. We love to sing and can’t wait to start singing Christmas songs next Thursday!!

We have also been doing lots of investigating this week- we have enjoyed using our jumbo magnifying glasses to look at features of shells as well as finding it very funny to look at each other through them. This made us giggle lots, especially when we had big noses and eyes!

In the builders tray we have had diggers and mud. Mud is always fun, especially if you bring it inside!

The younger children had a lovely time playing with scarves and in the tunnel and ball pond. The best bit was tipping the balls everywhere as Lauren tried to tidy them and throwing them at Lauren!

I’m sure there’s lots of festive fun starting this weekend, when  you put up your decorations we’d love a picture of your tree to put in our home corner. If anyone knows of any good places to see Santa then please share and I will pass them on :)

Next Thursday a special visitor from the North Pole will be coming to stay with us, i’m sure when the children find out about him they will tell you all about him. All I know is that he likes to cause a lot of trouble!