This week we have …

November 18, 2016

We’ve had a very spotty week at nursery raising money for children in need. We have had a variety of spotty activities including spotty cakes, making Pudsey, cutting and sticking spots all around nursery and playing musical spots as well as sending Beebot on a spot adventure. The children have had lots of fun and so have we. Thank you fro your donations, we will count them up next week and let you know what we have raised.

The children have been looking at letters and organising them to spell their names, some children have even been spelling some short words and sounding them out. You can see some name caterpillars up on our kitchen window that the children have enjoyed completing.

We have been looking at counting objects and splitting them different ways, this was particularly fun to do with smarties!

In the garden the children have enjoyed playing in the fallen leaves and building bonfires with them.

The children also had a great time playing with the dinosaurs in the builders tray, hiding them among leaves and looking through our dinosaurs book, seeing which they could recognise. 

In Boogie Beats the children went on a dinosaur adventure and impressed Hannah with their dinosaur knowledge. They stomped like T-rex and flew like pterodactyl.

We have been focusing on our manners at nursery, encouraging the children to say please and thank you for things and be polite and considerate to their friends. If this could be encouraged at home as well that would be great. 

The children enjoyed reading “commotion in the ocean” the other day, they were particularly intrigued at how dolphins communicate, so we looked this up and listened to some dolphin sounds. The children then enjoyed making their own dolphin sounds as well as various other animals. It got very noisy!

Thank you to the parents that have sent in pictures of their home and the people who live it in, if you haven’t already could you please do so as the children are keen to see their photos on the wall.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a lovely weekend.