This week we have …

October 21, 2016

We have been looking at shapes and using them to make different pictures. The children created using a variety of shapes, cutting different ones out and sticking them down to make pictures. We have also made “dinner” using shapes, the children selected shapes and spoke about what food they could represent, this led on to lots of discussion about favourite food.

We have also been looking at different occupations, the children have enjoyed trying on a variety of hats and taking part in different role play representing different jobs: shop keeper, doctor, vet, fireman…

We have had the puppet show and I have been watching lots of puppet shows put on by the children! These usually call for a lot of audience participation.

We have been keeping active by moving to different action songs and ring songs, the hokey cokey seems to be a firm favourite, doing that at 8.45 in the morning certainly wakes us up!

Beebot has new batteries so the children have enjoyed the challenge of directing him around a race track, making sure he doesn’t bang in to anything or go the wrong way.

The children have also enjoyed making playdough, they helped to mix and add ingredients and then used the play dough to make faces, putting on different features.

Today at snack I made all the children’s fruit look like a face, however when I asked them what is was i got these answers ” a lion” ” a monster” and “an elephant” so I obviously need to work on my face making skills!!

We have been talking lots about ourselves and encouraging the children to talk about them and their families and others close to them. This always leads to lots of discussion, comparisons and funny stories. It’s great hearing the children using words to describe themselves and their abilities and displaying a sense of pride in themselves.

Next week is half term, so nursery will be a fair bit quieter as lots of children will be off. We’re hoping to be able to go on plenty of walks and adventures.

I am on annual leave on Monday and Tuesday but will be back in nursery on Wednesday.

If anyone would like to take Dennis the Dinosaur home then please let me know, if not we will hand him out.

Thanks again for all your input in to Tapestry, it’s great being able to talk to the children about things they have been up to and the children are also enjoying taking their own photos to add to it and are starting to ask us to “put it on the ipad” (brand conscious even at a young age!!) so Mummy and Daddy can see.

Have a lovely weekend and if you’re not with us next week then enjoy your break :)