This week we have …

October 14, 2016

It’s Friday again already!

We’ve had another great week at nursery.

Here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to…

The children have been busy choosing what designs to use for the “chilled chestnut” Christmas card design. We have printed off a selection of hand and foot print ideas and the children have selected what they would like to do. They are looking very good and we’re excited to see the finished designs!

The older children have been speaking about emotions and what makes them happy, sad, cross and excited. Using a mirror they have been making the different faces and enjoyed taking “selfies” of these on the tablets. They have also drawn some expressions which are around our mirror.

We have also had lots of fun with junk modelling: we have been making aliens, robots, princesses and bags. We have used lots of sticky tape and lots of boxes, so if you have any recycling at home please bring it in :)

On Thursday the children had lots of fun with Hannah and Giggles from Boogie Beat, they sang lots of action songs, read a story and played with the parachute. The children continue to love these sessions and remain very engaged throughout.

We have also been looking a little at the time.The children have been using our clock puzzle, telling the time books and our movable clock. We have been talking about the different times when we do things, such as lunch is at 12.

The children have been looking at shape, amount and colour and to support this we decorated biscuits with various sweets and icing. This activity went down very well and a few sweets may have been eaten in the process!

Just a reminder that the photographer is in on Tuesday from 8am- approx 10am. You are welcome to bring your children in a change of clothes for the photos and if your child doesn’t attend that day and you would like their photo taken then please come along. Siblings are also welcome :)

We have had a few children off this week with sickness and diarrhea, there seems to be a bug going around. We have scrubbed everything at nursery and please ask that if your child has any symptoms that you keep them off until they are clear for 48 hours. This should help to stop the spread of the bug.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to hearing all about the children’s adventures.

Thanks for reading.