About The Orchard Nursery and Pre School

Disgruntled with the childcare options options available when looking for childcare for my two children, I decided to buy a small setting and make it the very best it could be for every child that we cared for.

It’s important to have an excellent, passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated team, who without doubt make each setting the place it is.  They focus on every child individually, and plan activities that will bring the best out of each child.

In each setting we aim to offer a warm, inspiring and safe place for your young ones, through carefully planned activities and experiences.  The nursery and pre school has a very homely atmosphere with small and personal key family groups (we even wear slippers!)

With endless curiosity, we know our youngsters love to learn about their little worlds. How to draw, read, touch or even take their first steps or say their first words, their world is such an adventure. Our rooms are set out to cater for all ages, from a quiet reading area to stimulate the mind, creative play to inspire artists and plenty of opportunities for cooking and baking (you never know, we might find the next celebrity chef). We enjoy going for adventures in the woods, feeding the ducks, jumping in muddy puddles and searching for the Gruffalo who we are still yet to find.

Welcome to The Orchard Nursery, Farnborough.  We offer passionate, stimulating and fun – most importantly fun – childcare for your little ones from 6 months to 5 years.

Have a look at each settings information, and call us to make an appointment to meet the team and see how we make every day for every child special.