Nursery newsletter

April 10, 2017

Nursery Newsletter

Nursery newsletter

March 20, 2017
Bi-Monthly Newsletter
What we have been up to… Dates for your diary
Personal social and emotional development– drawing faces showing emotions in the sand. Talking about how we feel for example when we smile, laugh and cry. Reading stories about how we feel.

Communication and language- Singing sacks and small group time; talking about what we have been doing at the weekend, learning the days of the week and talking about the weather.

Physical development- we have loved being in the hall we used the equipment and lots of fabric to make a Den, it had benches, balance beams and platforms to climb and jump from. The weather has been good for a few days and we managed to get out on the scoters, bicycles and use the hula hoops and footballs.

Mathematical Development– Colour and number sorting using compare bears and coloured objects. Number and quantity rhymes.

Literacy-Phonic letter sounds using peg games and song bags

Understanding the world– Learning about growing. We have planted seeds in pots, discussed life cycles of a plant and how we are going to look after the plants and flowers in the nursery garden.

Expressive arts and design-Mark making using sand, flour and chalks. Using the junk modelling to create towers and castles for the small world people. And using stickers, and stencils to make beautiful pictures.

24th March– Red nose Day26th March– Clocks go forward 1 hour J and Mothering Sunday 


Congratulations to Lauren and her family on the birth of Baby Harry Arthur Bell Warren born Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 6.07am, weighing 7lb 15ozMummy and baby are both doing well.




Top Tips  Reminders 
Speech and Language Development ‘The rule of the thumb’ make four comments about an activity and ask one question. Your child will learn four different phrases being able to ask their own questions in the future. ideas and information about communication and language skills for birth to 11 years. 









Please could you only bring toys and comforters into nursery that can be put into your child’s bag. As we do not have space to keep everything on the side.Please let us know if you will be on holiday so we can keep the diary up to date.If your child is unwell please refrain from sending them into Nursery to avoid passing the illness to others. Thank you!

This week we have …

March 3, 2017

We have been pretty busy this week. 

We have managed to get outside and explore in the mud and talk about what new flowers we would like in the pots. 

We also raced on the bicycles, and balanced on the tyres.

We built Dens in the hall, and used the apparatus to climb, jump and crawl along. The older children even taught the smaller ones how to crawl along the bench. 

We had a visit from the fire engine and firemen on Tuesday which was great fun and have been dressing up as people who help us and making emergency service vehicles using lots of different equipment all week. 

We would love any other emergency services visit us,if any parent/s know of any that could come? 

We were very excited to get new sand and some new paper for our creative station. 

We are really looking forward to the nicer weather because as one of the children told us ‘Peppa is tired jumping in muddy puddles’ 

Dates for your Diary

Friday 17th March

St. Patrick’s Day- wear green, we will be taking part in green activities and fun games.

Friday 24th March

Red Nose Day- Please wear red, we will be taking part in red activities and fun games. Donations are welcome and are going towards Comic Relief. 

I will be changing the weekly email to a newsletter which will be sent monthly with what we have been up to , dates for your diary and a tip/things to try at home. 

This week we have …

February 24, 2017

We have been busy here, moving the rooms around  a little. The children have loved exploring in the role play area now there is a little more room, and accessing our new creative area, where they can help themselves to paint, chalks, pens and pencils!

We have been exploring in the hall, jumping really high and landing on the big mats. We also worked together to help tidy up afterwards. 

In small group we are really getting good at singing the phonics songs and saying the sounds of some of the letters. 

The children have been busy constructing towers, and cars using duplo, and the large wooden bricks too. 

‘Doris’ the storm made quite an appearance this week too, she pushed over our bird house and our gazebo! the children watched the trees blow around in the wind and we then found objects we could blow around the table just like Doris! Cotton wool balls and cotton reels worked the best! The wind was very loud, but wasn’t scary when we were having so much fun!

Counting quantity and using number stencils has also been a highlight of the week. Some of us can count up to 100! 

We spoke a little about the fire engine coming on Tuesday, children that do not attend this day are welcome to come but must be with and adult. Please park in Pinewood park as the road will get busy! 

This week we have …

February 10, 2017

The week is nearly over and we have been up to lots of fun things.

We have had fun playing games with balloons. We have been bouncing them, kicking them and trying to keep them in the air. We took them in the garden so we had lots of space to move around with them.

We have also been blowing bubbles and popping them. This has been helping to promote our oral skills and our turn taking.

We put cars in paint and enjoyed making tracks with different vehicles and in different colours. 

We have also been doing lots of dressing up and role playing. We have been doctors, policemen and pirates as well princesses and “baddies”. Role play has recently become a really big part of the children’s play and they use various resources for different things and make up brilliant story lines to act out.

We have been looking at forming letters by using the tablets, pencils and other resources to form letters and to help letter sound recognition. Some of the older children have looked a little at capital letters and when we may use them.

We have been very active doing Tumble Tots and Sticky Kids, exercising our whole bodies and different muscles and making sure we have a big drink afterwards.

In the hall we have been climbing on apparatus, practising our balancing skills and looking at different ways to jump.

The younger children have been playing some colour match games with the bricks and have enjoyed building towers and knocking them down.

I’d like to say a big thank you for all the lovely messages, cards and gifts I have received. I will keep you all informed of when baby comes along and i’m sure Laura will send out an email with details. I have also promised the children I will pop in so they can have a cuddle.

We all hope you have a lovely weekend (even if it does rain!) and I will see you all in a few months time :)

This week we have …

February 3, 2017

It’s Friday again already!

This week has flown by and we’ve been having lots of fun doing various activities.

The children have been very creative at the easel, using our new brushes and paint pots to create masterpieces.

The children have also been creative with junk modelling. We set a “build a house challenge” and the children thrived on designing their own houses and looking at pictures of different houses to create.

There has been lots of letter work going on this week. The children have used a variety of media to explore letters, such as: the whiteboards and pens, paint, sand, wooden bricks and crayons. The children are enjoying identifying letter sounds and working on forming letters. Please take a look at the Jolly Phonics songs on Youtube, this is mainly what we work with and the children know lots of the songs and love to sing them.

We have also been looking at patterns, we have used our pattern boards and bricks to make different patterns, the children have made them using different colours and shapes.

We added some candles to the playdough resources this week so I think all the staff have aged dramatically as we have had happy birthday sung to us so many times! That said the children usually say we are 3 years old so it’s not that bad :)

There has been so much Roleplay going on this week, it’s hard to keep up with all the different storylines. The children often represent home life and things they have seen in their play, it’s great to watch them become so engrossed. They particularly enjoy using the old mobile phones and cameras that we have, as well as filling bags up with various items.

There has also been lots of investigating going on with the big magnifying glasses. The children have been finding various objects to look at in detail and like to tell us all about them. They have also been listening to the sea in the shells and if you listen very carefully you can also sometimes hear mermaids talking!

Next week is my last week before I go on maternity leave, it’s come around very quickly!

From week commencing 13th February Laura will the person to direct all your enquiries to :)

This week we have …

January 6, 2017

Our first week back is almost over and it’s been a fun and busy week.

Here’s a bit about what we have been up to…

We have had lots of discussions about what we got up to at Christmas, what presents we got and what we left for Santa. There has also been talk about Christmas dinner with one child telling us she had pizza, another telling us pasta and a third a crusty roll! As yet no one has mentioned turkey or brussel sprouts!!

We have been doing lots of painting, creating with different marks and colours.

The children have been very pleased to have the role play kitchen back and have been making us some very unusual but tasty meals. We have also had different dressing up out and have been playing shop keepers.

We have been busy with lots of counting, matching amounts to numerals and using different songs and stories to practise our counting skills.

The children have been keen to do lots of puzzles and play lots of games, I think we have done every one of them at least 3 times each this week!

We have been looking at certain letters and sounds, blending words and listening for the initial sound.

On Thursday the children went on a snowy adventure with Hannah and Giggles, they were very excited to see Hannah back and gave Giggles plenty of cuddles.

Thank you to tall the parents that have added comments to their children’s reports on Tapestry, it has been great reading them all.

This week we have …

December 9, 2016

Where is December going? Christmas is approaching very quickly!

As you can probably imagine we have been full of Christmas cheer at nursery and everyone is very excited.

Here’s a bit about what we have been up too (you may notice a theme!!)

I’m sure many of you have been seeing Buddy the Elf’s antics on our Facebook Page. He is one very cheeky Elf and the children have enjoyed coming in every morning and seeing what mischief he has caused. So far he has decorated our tree with toilet roll, made snow angels out of flour, turned our fruit in to fruit buddies, turned our milk in to Elf milk (which was very yucky!) and raided our cupboards for a treat to eat and make. We’re looking forward to seeing what else he does.

We have had fun doing a variety of Christmas activities- painting decorations, making Christmas cards, making reindeer, Christmas place mats and much more! We have also been singing lots of Christmas songs and dancing to Christmas music. We love Christmas!!

There have of course been other activities going on too…

In the sand the children have been enjoying a “building site” with diggers and trucks to move the sand about, of course much more always ends up in the sand and quite often we have had dinosaurs, fish and other things in our building site too!

The children have been doing lots of counting using the compare bears, dice games, wooden bricks and the chocolate calendar.

We have been looking at letters by finding our names to stick on different activities, writing in cards, matching items to letters and playing some games on the tablet.

In the garden we have been using the tree house a pirate ship, balancing on the beams and having races on the bikes and scooters.

We have lots more fun planned for next week!

This week we have …

November 25, 2016

In language group we have had fun using the letter playdough cutters to help with our letter and sound recognition. Some of our even managed to spell our names in playdough and others thought of objects starting with different letters. We have also enjoyed playing with the alphabet puzzle and letter lotto. Some of us have been busy writing letters to Santa, forming letters and words and sounding out different words too.

In number group we have been looking at size and shape. We have explored the compare bears, seeing if we can match up the sizes and tell which is bigger and smaller. We have also been looking at different shapes. We had fun playing a “find the shape” game. When the music stopped we had to find the shape to stand on that we had chosen, we were all great at this. 

This week we have been doing lots and lots of singing and using the instruments to play along with. We have been marching to the top of the hill, rowing our boat and much much more. We love to sing and can’t wait to start singing Christmas songs next Thursday!!

We have also been doing lots of investigating this week- we have enjoyed using our jumbo magnifying glasses to look at features of shells as well as finding it very funny to look at each other through them. This made us giggle lots, especially when we had big noses and eyes!

In the builders tray we have had diggers and mud. Mud is always fun, especially if you bring it inside!

The younger children had a lovely time playing with scarves and in the tunnel and ball pond. The best bit was tipping the balls everywhere as Lauren tried to tidy them and throwing them at Lauren!

I’m sure there’s lots of festive fun starting this weekend, when  you put up your decorations we’d love a picture of your tree to put in our home corner. If anyone knows of any good places to see Santa then please share and I will pass them on :)

Next Thursday a special visitor from the North Pole will be coming to stay with us, i’m sure when the children find out about him they will tell you all about him. All I know is that he likes to cause a lot of trouble!

This week we have …

November 18, 2016

We’ve had a very spotty week at nursery raising money for children in need. We have had a variety of spotty activities including spotty cakes, making Pudsey, cutting and sticking spots all around nursery and playing musical spots as well as sending Beebot on a spot adventure. The children have had lots of fun and so have we. Thank you fro your donations, we will count them up next week and let you know what we have raised.

The children have been looking at letters and organising them to spell their names, some children have even been spelling some short words and sounding them out. You can see some name caterpillars up on our kitchen window that the children have enjoyed completing.

We have been looking at counting objects and splitting them different ways, this was particularly fun to do with smarties!

In the garden the children have enjoyed playing in the fallen leaves and building bonfires with them.

The children also had a great time playing with the dinosaurs in the builders tray, hiding them among leaves and looking through our dinosaurs book, seeing which they could recognise. 

In Boogie Beats the children went on a dinosaur adventure and impressed Hannah with their dinosaur knowledge. They stomped like T-rex and flew like pterodactyl.

We have been focusing on our manners at nursery, encouraging the children to say please and thank you for things and be polite and considerate to their friends. If this could be encouraged at home as well that would be great. 

The children enjoyed reading “commotion in the ocean” the other day, they were particularly intrigued at how dolphins communicate, so we looked this up and listened to some dolphin sounds. The children then enjoyed making their own dolphin sounds as well as various other animals. It got very noisy!

Thank you to the parents that have sent in pictures of their home and the people who live it in, if you haven’t already could you please do so as the children are keen to see their photos on the wall.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a lovely weekend.