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March 20, 2017
Bi-Monthly Newsletter
What we have been up to… Dates for your diary
Personal social and emotional development– drawing faces showing emotions in the sand. Talking about how we feel for example when we smile, laugh and cry. Reading stories about how we feel.

Communication and language- Singing sacks and small group time; talking about what we have been doing at the weekend, learning the days of the week and talking about the weather.

Physical development- we have loved being in the hall we used the equipment and lots of fabric to make a Den, it had benches, balance beams and platforms to climb and jump from. The weather has been good for a few days and we managed to get out on the scoters, bicycles and use the hula hoops and footballs.

Mathematical Development– Colour and number sorting using compare bears and coloured objects. Number and quantity rhymes.

Literacy-Phonic letter sounds using peg games and song bags

Understanding the world– Learning about growing. We have planted seeds in pots, discussed life cycles of a plant and how we are going to look after the plants and flowers in the nursery garden.

Expressive arts and design-Mark making using sand, flour and chalks. Using the junk modelling to create towers and castles for the small world people. And using stickers, and stencils to make beautiful pictures.

24th March– Red nose Day26th March– Clocks go forward 1 hour J and Mothering Sunday 


Congratulations to Lauren and her family on the birth of Baby Harry Arthur Bell Warren born Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 6.07am, weighing 7lb 15ozMummy and baby are both doing well.




Top Tips  Reminders 
Speech and Language Development ‘The rule of the thumb’ make four comments about an activity and ask one question. Your child will learn four different phrases being able to ask their own questions in the future. ideas and information about communication and language skills for birth to 11 years. 









Please could you only bring toys and comforters into nursery that can be put into your child’s bag. As we do not have space to keep everything on the side.Please let us know if you will be on holiday so we can keep the diary up to date.If your child is unwell please refrain from sending them into Nursery to avoid passing the illness to others. Thank you!

This week we have …

March 3, 2017

We have been pretty busy this week. 

We have managed to get outside and explore in the mud and talk about what new flowers we would like in the pots. 

We also raced on the bicycles, and balanced on the tyres.

We built Dens in the hall, and used the apparatus to climb, jump and crawl along. The older children even taught the smaller ones how to crawl along the bench. 

We had a visit from the fire engine and firemen on Tuesday which was great fun and have been dressing up as people who help us and making emergency service vehicles using lots of different equipment all week. 

We would love any other emergency services visit us,if any parent/s know of any that could come? 

We were very excited to get new sand and some new paper for our creative station. 

We are really looking forward to the nicer weather because as one of the children told us ‘Peppa is tired jumping in muddy puddles’ 

Dates for your Diary

Friday 17th March

St. Patrick’s Day- wear green, we will be taking part in green activities and fun games.

Friday 24th March

Red Nose Day- Please wear red, we will be taking part in red activities and fun games. Donations are welcome and are going towards Comic Relief. 

I will be changing the weekly email to a newsletter which will be sent monthly with what we have been up to , dates for your diary and a tip/things to try at home.