This week we have …

December 9, 2016

Where is December going? Christmas is approaching very quickly!

As you can probably imagine we have been full of Christmas cheer at nursery and everyone is very excited.

Here’s a bit about what we have been up too (you may notice a theme!!)

I’m sure many of you have been seeing Buddy the Elf’s antics on our Facebook Page. He is one very cheeky Elf and the children have enjoyed coming in every morning and seeing what mischief he has caused. So far he has decorated our tree with toilet roll, made snow angels out of flour, turned our fruit in to fruit buddies, turned our milk in to Elf milk (which was very yucky!) and raided our cupboards for a treat to eat and make. We’re looking forward to seeing what else he does.

We have had fun doing a variety of Christmas activities- painting decorations, making Christmas cards, making reindeer, Christmas place mats and much more! We have also been singing lots of Christmas songs and dancing to Christmas music. We love Christmas!!

There have of course been other activities going on too…

In the sand the children have been enjoying a “building site” with diggers and trucks to move the sand about, of course much more always ends up in the sand and quite often we have had dinosaurs, fish and other things in our building site too!

The children have been doing lots of counting using the compare bears, dice games, wooden bricks and the chocolate calendar.

We have been looking at letters by finding our names to stick on different activities, writing in cards, matching items to letters and playing some games on the tablet.

In the garden we have been using the tree house a pirate ship, balancing on the beams and having races on the bikes and scooters.

We have lots more fun planned for next week!