This week we have …

November 25, 2016

In language group we have had fun using the letter playdough cutters to help with our letter and sound recognition. Some of our even managed to spell our names in playdough and others thought of objects starting with different letters. We have also enjoyed playing with the alphabet puzzle and letter lotto. Some of us have been busy writing letters to Santa, forming letters and words and sounding out different words too.

In number group we have been looking at size and shape. We have explored the compare bears, seeing if we can match up the sizes and tell which is bigger and smaller. We have also been looking at different shapes. We had fun playing a “find the shape” game. When the music stopped we had to find the shape to stand on that we had chosen, we were all great at this. 

This week we have been doing lots and lots of singing and using the instruments to play along with. We have been marching to the top of the hill, rowing our boat and much much more. We love to sing and can’t wait to start singing Christmas songs next Thursday!!

We have also been doing lots of investigating this week- we have enjoyed using our jumbo magnifying glasses to look at features of shells as well as finding it very funny to look at each other through them. This made us giggle lots, especially when we had big noses and eyes!

In the builders tray we have had diggers and mud. Mud is always fun, especially if you bring it inside!

The younger children had a lovely time playing with scarves and in the tunnel and ball pond. The best bit was tipping the balls everywhere as Lauren tried to tidy them and throwing them at Lauren!

I’m sure there’s lots of festive fun starting this weekend, when  you put up your decorations we’d love a picture of your tree to put in our home corner. If anyone knows of any good places to see Santa then please share and I will pass them on :)

Next Thursday a special visitor from the North Pole will be coming to stay with us, i’m sure when the children find out about him they will tell you all about him. All I know is that he likes to cause a lot of trouble!

This week we have …

November 18, 2016

We’ve had a very spotty week at nursery raising money for children in need. We have had a variety of spotty activities including spotty cakes, making Pudsey, cutting and sticking spots all around nursery and playing musical spots as well as sending Beebot on a spot adventure. The children have had lots of fun and so have we. Thank you fro your donations, we will count them up next week and let you know what we have raised.

The children have been looking at letters and organising them to spell their names, some children have even been spelling some short words and sounding them out. You can see some name caterpillars up on our kitchen window that the children have enjoyed completing.

We have been looking at counting objects and splitting them different ways, this was particularly fun to do with smarties!

In the garden the children have enjoyed playing in the fallen leaves and building bonfires with them.

The children also had a great time playing with the dinosaurs in the builders tray, hiding them among leaves and looking through our dinosaurs book, seeing which they could recognise. 

In Boogie Beats the children went on a dinosaur adventure and impressed Hannah with their dinosaur knowledge. They stomped like T-rex and flew like pterodactyl.

We have been focusing on our manners at nursery, encouraging the children to say please and thank you for things and be polite and considerate to their friends. If this could be encouraged at home as well that would be great. 

The children enjoyed reading “commotion in the ocean” the other day, they were particularly intrigued at how dolphins communicate, so we looked this up and listened to some dolphin sounds. The children then enjoyed making their own dolphin sounds as well as various other animals. It got very noisy!

Thank you to the parents that have sent in pictures of their home and the people who live it in, if you haven’t already could you please do so as the children are keen to see their photos on the wall.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a lovely weekend.

This week we have …

November 4, 2016

It has been a very very busy and action packed week at Orchard!

On Monday we had our Halloween Party, we loved seeing all the children dressed up and joining in with games such as apple bobbing, wrapping a Mummy, pass the witches hat and sleeping pumpkins. I think the children’s favourite part was the party tea! Thank you to all who came along and especially to those that stayed and helped.

The children drew pumpkin designs and two of these were then chosen to be carved in to our pumpkins. The children commented on the smell of the pumpkin and how it felt.

We have also had Boogie Beat this week, the children continue to love these sessions, following Hannah’s moves and directions. It’s great to see them remembering actions and “what’s next”.

The older children have been looking at hearing initial sounds in words. There have been a range of activities on offer to do with this: A sound hunt where the children had to listen to the sound and then find an object starting with the correct letter sound, letter lotto, letter and sound books and our Jolly Phonics songs.

We have been getting creative making fireworks pictures using cut up toilet and kitchen rolls. These made a lovely effect and the children then counted how many fireworks they had on their picture and had a go at writing the number.

The children enjoy taking part in singing our “days of the week” song every day. They are also getting the hang of seasons. (although there is still often confusion over months and days!) We have been talking about different things that happen in the seasons and the children love talking about the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees. There’s also still lots of talk of a chocolate calendar!

We have been playing matching games, encouraging the children to look at features of items and match them according to different properties such as size, shape, colour etc.

We have been doing some den building with blankets and materials and the children have been creating role play scenarios around these (they often involve super heroes and monsters).

Our Hotdog and sparkler event went really well last night and it was great to see so many of you there. Thank you so much for coming along and we hope you had lots of fun. The children have been very good at talking about the rules of sparklers and how we need to use them safely and it was great to see this being demonstrated. We enjoy putting on these events and it makes them really worthwhile when we have such a good turnout so thank you again.

Another reminder to order your Christmas cards from Chilled Chestnuts before 9th November, we’re really pleased with how they have turned out.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading.