This week we have…

September 30, 2016

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week, here’s some of the things we have been up to…

With the younger children we have continued to look at colours. We have had lots of different colour activities out such as building blocks, stacking rings and cups, the ball pool and crayons. We have been matching and selecting colours and have been having lots of fun doing this.

The younger children have also enjoyed various activities to do with using equipment for a purpose and following instructions. Their favourite was a teddy with a brush, cup, spoon and blanket. The children took it in turns to feed teddy, brush his fur, give him and drink and then a cuddle and kiss goodnight before tucking him up in bed.

As well as that we have been playing cooperative games such as rolling a car back and forth, taking it in turns to knock down a tower and then taking it in turns to add bricks again. All these activities are fun, encourage the children’s listening and understanding while at the same time encouraging social skills. 

The older children have not missed out on all the fun and learning. 

They have enjoyed talking about themselves and how they look and then drawing pictures to reflect this.

Finding shapes and naming them, we have even used some 3d shape words.

Dressing up in various outfits and taking on different roles: this is a great way to encourage children to dress themselves and do up different fastenings. It also makes for some inventive and funny combinations!

We have continued with basic letter recognition and matching sounds to letters. We have done this playing various small group games, hunting games and listening to different stories and songs.

All the children have had fun in the hall, experimenting with different ways of moving, learning to avoid obstacles and problem solve.

The children also had a lovely time joining in with Hannah and Giggles from Boogie Beat, their favourite part was being ducks and swimming across the floor.

The children got to experience dough made from conditioner and corn flour,they commented that it felt different to our usual dough and that it smelt very nice. It was a bit trickier to work with than the usual dough but they enjoyed how soft ti made their hands!

Just a reminder that we are putting lots and lots of observations up on tapestry all the time, I have noticed some parents haven’t yet accessed this. If you are having problems logging in then please let me know. It is a really valuable resource for us and you and this is enhanced by parent comments and by parents adding their own observations. Plus it’s really lovely for you to be able to see photos and comments about your child’s day. It really is worth a look.

Thanks to all who have got back to me re dates for your diary and for the Dad’s who have offered to be Father Christmas. I now my Dad confirmed as Father Christmas but i really appreciate the offers. My Dad is DBS checked as he is a Rushmoor Borough Councillor and a school governor. He has been Father Christmas here for the past few years and enjoys his annual dress up!

This week we have..

September 23, 2016

A few of us went on an adventure to the woods. We searched for signs of animals (we found lots of rabbit poo!), balanced on logs, hid in dens and jumped from big tree roots. We also spoke about how the trees change as the seasons change. The children enjoyed eating their snack in the woods and listening to the different sounds they could hear.

In language group we have been looking at writing our names and general letter recognition. We have done this in a variety of ways: using the magnetic letters to form words and match letters, looking for letters when we’re out and about in and around nursery, using pencils to write letters and spotting letters in books. We have also played letter lotto and been singing our letter songs together. 

In number group the children have been looking at recognising numbers 1-10 and sequencing them. We have also been doing lots of counting: bounces on the trampoline, the day of the month, how many cups etc we need for snack. We have been playing with the number puzzles and various number games. The younger children have been looking at colour recognition. We have been matching colours, hunting for different colours and naming colours. Colours can be a tricky concept to grasp as all of a sudden an object has more properties. For example it is no longer just a car, it is now a red car but there is also a red brick and a red plate. Things that children know are different start to have things in common and this is a big learning curve. When out and about it’s great to point out colours to children and ask them if they can find things of a certain colour. Giving them something of the colour you are looking for gives them an idea and they are able to match it.

In the garden we have been racing cars down the slide and practising turn taking by not having enough cars fir everyone. The children have been very good at taking turns and waiting for their go. We have also had fun playing hide and seek, trying to count up to thirty and finding new places to hide.

We have a new rug at nursery which has the planets on it. The children have been interested learning about the different planets and where we live. We managed to convince most children we all live one earth but one child was adamant they live on Jupiter and swim across to visit us!

We have also been doing lots of cutting and sticking, practising our scissor skills and again helping with colour recognition. 

Don’t forget to send in pictures of what you have been up to so the children can share with their friends in small group time and then we can display it on the wall. We will also be starting to send Dennis the dinosaur home again soon as it’s been a while since he has had an adventure.

Just a reminder to please send your child in to nursery with some slippers.

This week we have..

September 9, 2016

We hope you’ve had a lovely week.

Here’s a bit about what we have been up to….

In the garden we have been counting how many bounces we can do on the trampolines and seeing if we do more or less than the next person. Counting actions can be quite tricky as the children have more than one thing to think about but it’s a great way to help and encourage their number and counting skills.

We have had the compare bears out and have been seeing if we can count the correct amount and add or take away a certain amount too.

We have also been practising our writing and letter recognition and forming by writing and drawing about what we have been up to recently. These will be going up on the wall and worth having a look at as some children took a long time and a lot of concentration completing them.

We have had paint out and have been practising painting circles and lines and seeing if there are any other shapes that we can paint.This has also been helping our colour recognition.

We have had fun with pasta, rice and containers, making a variety of shakers and working out how to transfer the ice from one container to another. There was a lot of rice over the floor that day!

The younger children have enjoyed mark making with the aquadraw and recognising the animals around the edge of it (they also enjoyed getting me very wet with their brushes!)

We had two big boxes the other day and the children enjoyed make believing they were a train and then cars to go on different adventures. They also enjoyed seeing how children they could fit in a box, I think the record was four but then the box broke!

It’s been a fun week and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it.

Thank you to the parents that have “liked” commented or added observations on Tapestry, we are really enjoying using it and love how interactive it is.