This week we have..

July 15, 2016

It’s been a busy week here at nursery.

We have been exploring vegetables and paint, seeing the different patterns that we can make. The children enjoyed commenting on the colours and shapes the vegetables made.

We have also been sequencing numbers 1-10 in various ways- potato printing, cutting and sticking…

We have been making loud and quiet noises with instruments and trying to stick to simple beats. The children have enjoyed working out how many “beats” are in their name.

In language group we have been looking at letter recognition with some of the younger children- matching letters, finding letters etc. The older children have been practising sounding out words and forming letters. We have started to use “magic pencils” (our fingers) to draw letters in the air.

The children have enjoyed exercising to sticky kids and tumble tots and seeing the effects this has on their bodies. they realise they needed a rest and a drink afterwards.

In the garden we have been balancing and jumping off and over different obstacles, using various body parts to support ourselves. We also had great fun splashing in puddles in the garden and getting quite muddy! We hope the sun is here to stay now.

Next Wednesday is our leavers party from 2.30-4.30, all children are invited and a big thank you to all those parents who have offered to help, we really appreciate it :) We’re hoping for nice weather so we can play some games in the garden and have a party picnic tea. Next Wednesday will also be my last day until Monday 8th August as I am off on holiday. If you need anything while i’m away then please speak to Laura or Sarah.

Wednesday will be my last day with some children so i’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed caring for your children and watching them learn new skills and take on new challenges for the time they have been with us. It’s a privilege to help look after and teach your children and I and the rest of the team thoroughly enjoy it. School leaver time is always a sad time but we know the children are more than ready for their new school adventure and we also know we have lots of children here eager to be the “big boys and girls”.

This week we have..

July 1, 2016

We’ve had a fun and busy week at nursery….

Today we have been learning about Germany, learning a few German words as well as how to count to ten in German. We have decorated the German flag and at tea time will be trying some German Salami and cheese. This morning we had our own “football Tournament” in the hall. The children were split in to teams each team played each other. The children cheered each other on and offered encouragement to each other. We have some little footballers in the making and one of our girls was amazing in goal! The tournament ended with all children getting stickers and having big smiles on their faces.

In language group we have been continuing to look at sounding out and basic letter recognition. The children have explored the letter cubes and matched objects to the correct letters. We have also had the whiteboards out where children have been copying words and letters and drawing pictures. We have also been looking at pencil grip. When drawing with your child at home it is useful to watch how they hold their pencil and if it looks awkward or uncomfortable offer them different ways to hold it.Please let your child hold a pencil however they find the most comfortable as children will learn the “tripod grip” when they are ready to and have the skills and muscle development to do so. This link shows various ways children hold pencils at different ages.

We had some excitement on Wednesday when Jack the bunny made a bid for freedom, luckily he ran straight in to the school playground and decided the nursery children were much quieter and less scary than the big school children so ran straight back! This means that I will be looking for something to completely cover the top of the run with but until then the rabbits will only be in the run while we are outside.

Some of the children made treasure maps, they used tea to stain them and make them look old, they then had a hunt for some treasure in the garden.

We have also been busy making musical instruments out of the junk modelling. Several of the children have been very interested in instruments lately. If any parents are able to play an instrument and wouldn’t mid coming in to show the children then please let em know.

The younger children have been exploring the various items in the treasure baskets, singing nursery rhymes with the singing sack, making lots of noise with the musical instruments, digging in the sand and playing with the cars.

A coupe of reminders for next week:

Monday children – Italy day- please come dressed in green, red and white

Wednesday children- sports day- please come dressed in your key family group colour (red- Lauren, blue- Lulu, *green- Laura/Sarah)