This week we have….

June 24, 2016

We hope you’ve had a lovely week, here’s a little about what we have been up to…

We had fun learning all about Turkey, the children decorated the Turkish flag, tried some Turkish delight, played traditional Turkish games and even learnt a little of the Turkish language. A great day was had by all and next Friday we are looking forward to our “Germany” day.

In language group this week we have been looking at sounding out words and recognising lower and upper case letters. We have done a variety of activities, including using the letter magnets and writing on white boards, hunting for letters in shaving foam and playing letter lotto.

There have also been lots of number and maths activities going on: card games, counting with compare bears, sorting objects by colour, size and shape and lots more.

The children have enjoyed taking it in turns to help to care for our rabbits, feeding them every morning and making sure they have fresh water. Having the rabbits has highlighted some very caring sides to the children and their eagerness to follow the rules and look after the rabbits well is lovely to see.

In the garden there have been lots of games of tennis and cricket going on, the children have set up various courts and nets and enjoy explaining the rules to us and each other. Basketball seems to be a favourite at the moment as well and the children have enjoyed practising their dribbling skills and trying to get the ball off of me!

yesterday the children put on their wellies and had fun splashing in the puddles, which there were a lot of! Today we are hoping the sunshine stays so we can have lots more fun in the garden.

Sandra brought in some bandages so we have had lots of doctors and nurses and many dolls with injuries that have been bandaged up. One poor doll had her leg, arm and head in bandages!

The younger children have enjoyed having a tea party, practising their pouring skills and getting quite wet in the process! They have also had fun in the dark den with the light up toys.

Today, we say goodbye to Demi, she has been overwhelmed by all the cards and gifts and is making the most of her last day by doing lots of playing and having plenty of fun. Demi will be missed a lot and we all wish her well in her change of career.

Sandra has been working with us a lot recently and as of next week you will be seeing a little less of her, although she will be on hand for cover work, adventures out of nursery and special events. The children have really enjoyed this extra time with Sandra :)

Next week marks the start of change and new adventures: Laura will be joining us on Monday, she will be  working Monday – Friday all day, all year round. I will introduce you all to Laura as and when you meet her. Sarah, who most of you know will also be starting work with us. She will be working afternoons on Monday- Wednesday and full days on Thursday and Friday, again all year round. Lulu will also be changing her hours slightly, she will now be working Monday- Wednesday 8-5.30, all year round. Then there’s me, i’ll still be here 5 days a week, all year round but will now be finishing at 5pm.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be looking at key family groups, there will some some changes. I will be looking at who children have good attachments to and going from there. In the meantime Lulu and I will be covering Demi’s key group and if your child was in Demi’s group and is leaving us for school in July/August then Lulu or I will take over as their key person. At present my thoughts are that I will add in another “Key family group”. If you have any questions about any of this then please speak to me :)

What we have been up to…

June 17, 2016

The children have definitely got the Friday feeling today, we have a very noisy nursery!

We’ve had lots of fun this week doing various activities…

Spanish day was a great success, the children enjoyed learning about Spain, painting the flag and making bulls. They also got to try some Spanish “Tapas” and to juice some Spanish oranges. A great day was had by all and we’re looking forward to learning all about Turkey next week.

The children have had fun mixing shaving foam with paint to create some textured and colourful pictures. We have been looking at mixing colours and have done so with liquid, paint, pens and now shaving foam.

The children have also been making Father’s Day cards are are all eager to give them to their Daddies.

The playdough has been out and w have had various cakes and other food items made.

The younger children have had fun with bubbles, practising blowing them and chasing after them to pop. One child worked out he could blow the bubbles suing his nose!

Yesterday the children wanted to see how much it was raining, so we put out pots and left them for about half an hour. We then collected them and in five small pots we had collected 300ml of water. We spoke about what to do with the water, I asked if we could drink it and the children told me “no because we’ll get poorly”. They decided they wanted to make boats. I gave each child a piece of paper and demonstrated how to make a boat. We the got out the marbles and saw how many each boat could hold. The most was 30 marbles! The children enjoyed watching their boats sink and counting out the marbles.

In language group we have been continuing to match lower and upper case letters as well as sounding out short words and looking at how to spell them. Although this has mostly been focused on the children leaving us for school many of the younger children have joined in and are recognsisng a variety of letters. Please keep encouraging your children to spot letters and numbers in the environment as it is a great help for them to have this knowledge before starting school.

In number group we have been looking at comparing weights. We have been weighing various objects to see which is heavier, the children have also been trying to work out which will be the heaviest before weighing. We are also continuing to look at changing quantity and how many we add or take away to get to a certain number. The children are really enjoying doing this and it can be done in most aspects of your day: Counting cars, how many blue, red etc, which colour have we seen the most, how many more? With food: you’ve got five carrots left, how many if you eat two? Children’s brains are brilliant and you’ll be amaze at what they are able to work out.

The children all all off in the hall at the moment, practising their gross motor skills: jumping, running, balancing and having lots and lots of fun while doing so.

What we have been up to..

June 3, 2016

it’s been a little quieter at nursery this week (well we’ve had less children but they’ve still managed to make plenty of noise!).

We’ve been on a walk around the local area, spotting different things – buses, signs, letters and numbers and seeing how many different coloured cars there were.

We’ve been in the hall balancing, climbing, running, jumping and using lots of energy.

In nursery we have been playing lots of games such as pairs, snap, naughts and crosses and lotto. We have also used different brushes to paint with- shaving brush, paintbrush, toothbrush.

We got creative with blue clay- there were snakes and caterpillars made. We’ve also been running a playdough cake shop and made a range of gingerbread animals and different flavoured cakes. Yum yum!

In the garden we have been taking good care of our fruit and vegetable plants and are very excited to see them starting to bloom and grow. We can’t wait to try some of our healthy, tasty treats.

We have been using our muscles and body parts to join in with different action songs- we did “Dingle dangle scarecrow” again and again and again!

Yesterday the children helped me put together a new picnic table for our garden. This is by our playhouse as the children love to run a  cafe from this. We thought this resource added to their play and look forward to some tasty treats served by the children. (Although if it’s broccoli ice cream again i’m not so sure!)

We’re looking forward to seeing all the children who have been off this week and hearing about what they have been up to.