What we have been up to..

February 26, 2016

We’ve enjoyed hearing all about half term adventures this week and the children enjoyed reading about Dennis’ adventures in Cornwall. Thank you to those who have sent in photos for your children to share and for us to display.

As i’m sure you’re all aware there is a special day coming up very soon for Mummies. The children have been getting creative making something special. I hope they haven’t told you what it is!

We have had string, pasta and beads out and the children have made some lovely necklaces and bracelets. This activity is great for fine motor skills, gaining an awareness of patterns, shape and colour and maintaining focus as it can take sometime to thread beads.

We had a fun Boogie Beat session with Hannah and Giggles. The children danced, wiggled and joined in with actions for different nursery rhyme stories and songs. In May we will be holding a sponsored dance and wiggle for the charity “Happy Days”, Hannah is going to lead this for us with a Princess and Pirate theme, more info will be out soon.

In the hall we have been playing some stop and go games as well as balancing on different surfaces and climbing up different apparatus using a range of skills and body parts.

The younger children have had fun doing “Tumble Tots”with scarves and beanbags, copying simple actions and moving in their own way. They have also been investigating insert puzzles and shape sorters, as well as building lots of towers which have of course been knocked down!

In the sand the children have been playing with the little people and vehicles. The sand tray has become a building site, the moon and the seaside among other things.

In language group the children have been looking at letters in their own name and working on forming letters. We had fun in the woods the other day making letters out of sticks. While in the woods we also went on an adventure, over a stream, through bushes and over big tree roots.

In number group some of the children have been sequencing numbers, so far they have got up to 30, others have been working on general number recognition. Numbers and maths can be indirectly taught in everyday life for instance when setting the table, counting how many of each thing you need, when putting shoes and coats on working out what goes where and doing up buttons. When reading stories we often go through them after and count various objects or look for things of certain shapes. Children learn best through play and exploring and this is how we love to further their knowledge at nursery. If a child isn’t captivated and interested in what they are doing then they’re not going to learn. Obviously every child learns differently and we take this in to account with the different activities we set out and encourage. It’s great to see a child enjoying something and then seeing the knowledge that they have gained from it, it’s probably the best part of our job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about your child’s week, if you’re at a loose end this weekend I have heard some great things about the stickman trail at Alice Holt.

What we have been up to..

February 19, 2016

This week has been a bit more of a quiet one at nursery as many children have been off for half term. We have of course still had lots of fun with various activities. here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to…

The children helped Demi to make some pink playdough, this involved lots of counting, measuring, weighing and mixing. The children then observed how it changed as it was heated up, then they had lots of fun creating with it.

We have been using our various scissors to cut our pictures in magazines and make creations with. We have various scissors such as some with a handle like tweezers, these are great for children who haven’t yet mastered traditional scissors and are also a novelty for those that have. We’ve also been using lots of tickers, this is another great activity to encourage fine motor skills and everyone loves a sticker :)

We have had a big sort out at nursery, we have moved around some resources and got rid of some of our “well used” items. This has freed up some space for less used resources and the children have really enjoyed exploring these.

We have been playing lots of game such as “Tummy ache”, “complete the clowns” and “picture lotto”, it’s great to see the older children helping the younger ones out with recognising numbers and colours and encouraging turn taking.

We also got messy doing bubble painting- mixing a bit of washing up liquid with paint creates a fantastic activity. The children had a straw each and were seeing who could blow the most bubbles. They then enjoyed popping them all (they especially enjoyed popping all my bubbles!)

As always we have been doing lots of construction activities and role play. The children’s role play often reflects real life, the other day the children were collecting their “work” to go and work in their office, they made sure someone was at home looking after their baby and then went off for a days work, calling up on their mobile to check everything was OK.

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in Sainsbury’s active kids vouchers, we’re hoping to be able to get some more bits for our garden.

Don’t forget we have our lending library and you can also borrow a game if you wish to.

Many thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody back next week.

What we have been up to..

February 5, 2016

Another week almost over at nursery, the start of this year seems to be flying by already.

The children have all gone in to the hall with big smiles on their faces ready for some jumping, climbing, balancing and racing. Several of the children have got to know that “hall days” are a Monday and Friday and this supported by the calendar is really helping them with the days of the week. We do our calendar every day which not only helps with day, month, year and season recognition it also supports number recognition and counting. The children sing the song with great enthusiasm.

So what have we been up to this week?

We have continued to explore textures, asking the children to describe how things feel, what different words they can use and what they think they are feeling. The children really enjoy this game, especially as it involves wearing a “blindfold”.

We thought our ceiling was looking a bit bare so we have decorated lots of cds to hang down. The children used a range of resources such as pipe cleaners, googly eyes and stickers to make their own design and they’ll be up soon.

We always read lots of stories at nursery and have a large selection. I have been encouraging the children to recall the story to me after we have read it. This is great for concentration and memory, sometimes I show them the pictures to jog their memory but with some stories they can retell me the whole story line without any prompts.

We had the water tray out this week with some straws, bubbles, boats and balls. We encouraged the children blow the balls and boats across the water and to see how many bubbles they can blow. This is a lot of fun and also helps with speech and sound forming as well as developing muscles in the mouth (some of the children are great chatterboxes and really don’t need their muscles developed but it’s still a fun game!) After this the babies then enjoyed having a splash about and all the children enjoyed some pouring and filling. As I’ve said before jugs in the bath offer endless amounts of fun and learning, why not put some straws in too?

We’ve been playing lots of small group games such as tummy ache and pairs. It’s been interesting to watch the older children take on “teacher” role when an adult steps back. I definitely think we have some budding teachers and bosses in nursery!

At the easel we’ve had different brushes and rollers out so the children can explore the marks they can make.

The babies have been exploring the light up toys in the dark, slotting shapes in to shape sorters, making lots of noise with the musical instruments and building with blocks, as well as playing with the dolls and kitchen.

Next week we have a very exciting week at nursery as it is Chinese New Year and Pancake Day. On Monday we will be having noodles for tea and eating them with chop sticks! We will also be making Chinese lanterns and reading some stories from China. On Tuesday the children will be mixing and flipping their own pancakes. I have ordered yummy toppings such as banana, strawberries and blueberries.

Don’t forget if you would like to borrow any games or books then please let us know. We have our Book lending library where you and your child can sign a book out yourselves and if you would like to borrow a game just let one of us know. Next to the computer we also have various activity sheets in a blue folder.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to send me photos of anythign exciting you get up to.