What we have been up to..

January 22, 2016

We hope you’ve had a good week and that you are looking forward to the weekend.

We’ve had lots of fun as usual, here’s a little insight….

We’ve had to wrap up warm to play outside this week, we’ve been racing around on the bikes and scooters to keep warm and seeing how high we can jump on the trampoline. We’ve also been making sure we put lots of food out for the birds and squirrels. The children found it very funny to see a squirrel hopping very fast across the frosty grass as he was getting cold feet!

The children have enjoyed putting on shows this week, it seems many of you went to panto as the children are keen to act out Jack and the Beanstalk. They’ve been using their imagination by using different props and coming up with different ideas.

Hannah came along with Giggles the monkey on Thursday and we all went on a superhero adventure, the children had to help the superheroes rescue a rocket that was stuck in the moon. Hulk, wonder woman and Batman all helped to save the day.

Talking of Superheroes, the children have really got in to this theme and will turn any occasion in to a super hero one. We have started to talk about real superheroes, such as police, fireman, doctors and Mummy and Daddy. Today some of the children painted their “real superhero”, they will be on display soon.

We have been exploring textures and using different words to describe them, an easy way to do this is to put some textured items in a box and ask your child to feel it without looking, they can then describe what it feels like and guess what it is.

The children have also been creative with straws, they were busy making spiders, stickmen and letters among other things.  

The younger children had a brilliant time exploring jelly, searching for toys in it and also enjoying a tasty treat!

In language group the children have been looking at the letter “M”, practising writing it and thinking of words that start with it.

In number group Beebot has been on a number adventure helping the children to count the correct amount of spaces to reach a spot and recognising “one more” or “one less”. Short board games are a great way to support number skills, if you would like to borrow one then please let us know. All we ask is that they come back within two days and with all the pieces :)

We have a few books outstanding in our lending library, that we haven’t seen for quite a while, if you think you may have one could you please have a check and bring it back in?

What we have been up to…

January 8, 2016

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, we have enjoyed listening to the stories of the children’s holiday adventures.  Our first week back has flown by, we can’t believe it’s Friday already!

On Monday we had the task of taking down all of our Christmas decorations, the children were very helpful ins spotting anything we had missed, we’re pretty sure we’ve got them all now.

We’ve been exploring mixing colours and finding different ways to apply and use paint. We discovered we could print our paintings on to a another sheet so we ended up with two pictures. This resulted in lots of painting being done, which are just about dry now, so will be making their way home (make sure you check drawers!)

The children have been creative with drawing and making their own calendars, they chose what they wanted to draw and used felt tips and pencils to create their masterpieces. Talking of calendars we have had some very disappointed children as they have realised that there is no more chocolate calendar! We have also been carrying on singing our days of the week song and working out that it is now 2016 (that’s pretty confusing!!)

We’ve been doing lots of construction with various materials, this morning the children built a bonfire from wooden blocks and cooked sausages, baked beans, chips and marshmallows on it.

On Monday the children enjoyed their first session of Boogie Beat for the term, which just happened to be Superheroes, which of course went down very well. The children love these sessions and talk very fondly of Hannah and Giggles. It’s great seeing the children so animated and joining in with all the actions, they also all love to give Giggles a big hug at the end of each session.

In the hall today we had a game of rugby (well we had a rugby ball, i’m not sure we kept to many of the rules), the children were pretty fast and I had to take my slippers off to keep up!

We’ve had a great week back and the children have all settled back in really well. We’ve seen several children coming back with new skills from walking to jumping, to saying different words to writing their own name.

We’re looking forward to all the exciting things the new year brings us and helping the children to learn, develop and have lots of fun.