What we have been up to…

December 18, 2015

We’ve had lots of fun at nursery this week, here’s a little insight…..

Christmas spirit has continued to take over nursery. We have been doing some Christmas baking making biscuits and cakes. Yum yum! We have also been filling the stockings we made with treats.

We have been listening to lots of Christmas music, playing Christmas games and singing Christmas songs.

Yesterday we had our Christmas party which was great fun. We played lots of games, won prizes and had a special visitor. Father Christmas popped in to nursery to see us and to deliver some presents to the children. It was a lovely party and all the children really enjoyed themselves (even though some were a little wary of Father Christmas!).

Today the children were very lucky to go in the school’s music room, they had a play on a keyboard and various other instruments. While they were in there they spotted someone on the roof…. it was father Christmas again!! He waved to the children and they were all very excited.

As well as Christmas we have been doing some junk modelling, some children made a hoover, it’s just a shame it didn’t work! We have also been role playing with the dolls and bags. The children have been going on holiday and taking the dolls on different adventures to various places.

We will be handing out the children Learning Journeys and Record’s of Achievement for you to look through and comment in over Christmas. Can these please be returned the first week back. If you have any questions about anything in them then please talk to one of us.

Thank you for the cards and presents that we have received, it’s very kind of you all. If it is your child’s last week with us this week then we hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. If your child is in next week then just a reminder we shut at 1pm on Thursday.